Every Goliath Season 4 Episode Is Now Available to Stream on Amazon Prime

    Season 4 of Goliath is available right now, in its entirety, on Amazon Prime Video. This will be my last article for today. I’m feeling a little (cough, cough) under the weather. I should be feeling better in about eight episodes, I mean hours. Check out what’s in store for us in their farewell season.

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    I just asked a woefully uninformed friend about their excitement that all of the episodes would be delivered for a Goliath binge, and they asked, “What’s Goliath?” If you have the same question, I’ll try to be kind, but what the double heck?! Billy Bob Thornton won his second Golden Globe for best actor for Goliath! He plays the disgraced lawyer, Billy McBride, struggling to redeem himself by taking the cases for the ultimate underdogs.

    Series regulars include William Hurt, portraying the wonderfully evil longtime nemesis Donald Cooperman, Nina Arianda, portraying Patty Solis- Papagian, a lawyer who is stuck helping Billy with his cases, but ultimately is charmed by his rampant alcoholism and wildly unprofessional behavior, and Tania Raymonde who plays Brittany Gold, a prostitute who owes McBride for her freedom. We also have Diana Hopper playing Denise McBride, Billy’s daughter who must endure the parenting of a man who’s lost his way. With a host of A-list guest stars, the show is a win!

    ‘Newsweek’ just sat down with the cast to discuss the final season on Amazon Prime, and why it’s the final season. Thornton says, “There’s something about when series go a bridge too far, you know. We knew that this season was very strong and it seemed right to end it here.” Thornton also believes he’s gotten through to the essence of his character. “I think all along he’s been trying to find out who he is and what he wants. Is it success, is it money? But at the end of the day, he wants a relationship with his daughter, Denise (Diana Hopper).”

    Arianda promises we’ll see a new side to our steely Patty, saying “I hope viewers really appreciate that there is a lovely completion with her. This season is the first time that she really owns her own abilities and talents, and is pretty unapologetic for it. She has a great deal of belief in herself coming out of a personal crisis and being in this new firm she’s owning herself.”

    Raymonde, though ambivalent about her role’s character, says she’s looking at Brittany differently now. “I probably judged Brittany a little bit when I first met her because I thought ‘okay, well she’s a hot stuff, saucy escort and she kind of does her thing’ but she’s defied expectations every single time. It’s been a lesson for me about not judging the people that I’m portraying, because she’s never taken a path I expected. And the escort thing became the least important part of her character.”

    Thornton admits he shared and shed some of McBride’s bad habits. “I’m not only leaving a character behind, but leaving a period of my own life behind because the behavior of Billy, although not always exemplary, was kind of how I am so I’m gonna miss being able to go to work and just kind of be myself,” he said.& Goliath season 4 tackles the opioid crisis that Thornton has seen first hand. “It’s something that personally I have a stake in since I’ve had friends fall victim to it. He (Billy McBride) takes it very personally because it’s affecting everyone and people are being killed legally.”

    J.K. Simmons and Bruce Dern join Goliath’s fourth season. Simmons plays George Zax, the head of the family-owned pharmaceutical company, mirroring real life. Bruce Dern plays his brother Frank Zax. Speaking of working with Simmons and Dern, Arianda gushes, “There have been so many great actors (previously in Goliath) but I think this season, I still really can’t believe that I was able to work with Bruce and J.K.. The moments off camera that I was able to speak and pick Mr. Dern’s brain was kind of priceless.”

    You can watch the entire series this weekend. Brew some coffee, grab some toothpicks to prop those eyes open, and watch Billy McBride take on his Goliaths on Amazon Prime. I’m off to grab those cough drops for the cold I just caught. This news comes from NewsWeek.

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