Ozark Season 4 Trailer: It’s the Beginning of the End for the Byrdes

    Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, and Felix Solis are set to return in 2022 with Ozark Season 4&. Normally set in Missouri, the first look at Season 4 takes us back to the end of Season 3 after &Helen Pierce was shockingly killed off in Mexico. We now have a quick look at the moments that transpire after that event.

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    The trailer opens with a vast sky cam shot over the little Mexican town. As a celebration is taking place outside, an entirely different scene is unfolding inside with Jason Bateman and Laura Linney. The Byrdes, shocked, panicked, and on edge, are shown washing up after what they just witnessed, and likely feeling guilty about it as well. The couple wash themselves of the blood on their face in silence. Bateman turns to Linney to tend to a spot on her head and then we hear the click of a door and the couple stops, turning their attention to the source of the noise. The screen fades out and we learn parts one and two of the new season will be available on Netflix in 2022.

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    There are many theories for Ozark Season 4, but one big question everyone seems to want answered in Season 4 is why Omar Navarro made the call to kill off Helen, the cartel lawyer played by Janet McTeer, instead of the Byrdes. The answer will hopefully be addressed in the first moments of the new season, but I think it’s safe to say the answer may come down to one thing: family. Although we never see a body, Ben Davis, Tom Pelphrey, is seemingly killed off in Season 3. The lack of a body hasn’t quite convinced fans that Ben is truly dead, but regardless, the answer may be in how Navarro views this act.

    Throughout the series, much like many other series that brings in cartels, shady family business, and other dastardly crimes, the focus is mainly always on family. Navarro realizes he can’t keep his extended family safe, but can keep his children safe. It is this sentiment that echoes loudest with Wendy. Wendy possibly proved to Navarro that keeping her husband and kids safe is as simple as it can be in the life of cartel money launderers, but she was willing to sacrifice her own brother for the sake of ‘the mission.’ When Wendy made the shocking call to have Ben executed as he was seemingly unraveling, this may have proved to Navarro the links the Byrdes were willing to go for him and each other.

    The other big question, which may just need confirmation is, who killed Helen. It may not be a stretch to say it was likely Nelson. He was the only one wearing a black shirt and this shirt comes into frame as he lifts his hand up to fire the gun. The gun, by the way which delivers the fatal head shot to Helen ,is also the same gun we see him use throughout the series. While the answer is likely Nelson, wouldn’t it be fun to throw fans for a loop and the perp turn out to be someone else? Maybe this is where Ben could come back into play, if he is still alive (which I still think is doubtful), extracting revenge on Helen, perhaps unaware it was Wendy who made the call in the first place.

    Regardless of questions, we hopefully get more footage of the events to come as we draw closer to the supersized Season 4 release. While no release date has been announced, the third season dropped on March 25th of this year, so it would stand to reason that Season 4 could drop around that time. Judging from what the first three seasons have delivered, I cannot wait to see the twists and turns season 4 will take us for. See you in 2022 &Ozark.

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