Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer Enters the Creel House During Netflix’s Tudum Event

    Season 3 of Stranger Things hit Netflix on the 4th of July in 2019! Here we are two years and change or FOREVER depending on what clock you’re looking at, and we are getting closer to season 4. At the Netflix TUDUM event on Saturday, we were given a new sneak peek diving into one of the show’s creepy new locations, the Creel House. Watch the footage below. Without further ado, TUDUM!

    [embedded content]

    After binge watching the third season on Netflix, while the nation celebrated its independence, having to wait a year for some answers seemed like an impossibility. Season 3 left us hanging with so many questions and gutting cliffhangers, none of us could muster the patience of a year wait. And we didn’t have to. We’ve been looking for the message in a bottle floating in the ocean for (for me) 3 birthdays!

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    Just this month Noah Schnapp shared this, “We just finished last week… yeah we’re done,” he said in the interview shared by fan account Stranger Things Spoilers. “We’ve been filming forever! And we’re finally done. They’re putting together another teaser.”

    All right editors, make those phalanges fly like the wind! But not too fast, make it perfect for us spoiled brats that have been asking ‘are we there yet’ for 2 years. We know, we’re impossible. We’re just excited to reach our destination and jump on the ride!

    Where did we leave off? Oh, with so many unanswered questions. With Joyce (Winona Ryder), Will (Noah Schnapp), Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) and El (Millie Bobby Brown) leaving Hawkins in search of greener pastures, how will Hopper (David Harbour) and El reunite? Are Joyce and Hop ever going to get that date at Enzo’s for great Italian?& Does El’s wound heal and allow her powers to return? Do they bring back Alexei? We all love Alexei and his Slurpees!& People keep saying to stop asking that question, but my heart won’t let the possibility that he crawled off in the woods and doctored himself up. He’s a scientist! (La la la la la, Not listening!)

    Also, we all saw that little Demogorgon in the Russian prison. The nightmare of the Upside Down isn’t over yet. We saw the teaser:

    [embedded content]

    And this other one:

    [embedded content]

    Also this:

    And David Harbour as Jim Hopper brandishing his awesome flame thrower on Instagram:

    We’ve been introduced to the new characters:

    We’re so close I can almost smell that rank breath you KNOW the Demogorgon in rocking. When I write an article centering on the next smidgeon of information for Stranger Things, it’s always with conflicting excitement and the impatience of an inconsolable tantrumming toddler. I soothe myself with Dusty Bun and Suzie-poo having their Captain & Tennille moment. It works for me every time. Turn around… Look at what you seeeee…

    Stranger Things 4 photo
    Stranger Things 4 photo
    Stranger Things 4 photo
    Stranger Things 4 photo

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