‘Ordinary Joe’ Sneak Peek: Joe’s Friends & Family Grill Him About Amy (VIDEO)

    If you have yet to tune into NBC’s new drama Ordinary Joe, an exclusive sneak peek at Episode 2, “Requiem,” might just convince you.

    The series, which follows James Wolk‘s titular Joe Kimbreau, tracks three different paths his life could take following his college graduation 10 years prior. In a sneak peek at the timeline in which Joe follows his late father’s footsteps as part of the NYPD, his family and best pal Eric (Charlie Barnett) grill him about a recent run-in with graduation day connection, Amy (Natalie Martinez).

    Ordinary Joe cast

    (Credit: Fernando Decillis/NBC)

    After running into each other at the police station in the series premiere, the pair attended their college reunion together, hinting at more romance for the duo as the season continues. Picking up on this, Eric’s wife Mallory (Gabrielle Byndloss) asks, “how long into this meal do we have to go until we’re allowed to ask about that girl we saw you leaving the reunion with?”

    “Never,” Joe responds, short and sweet. But his Uncle Frank (David Warshofsky) isn’t having that as the man chimes in, saying, “her name’s Amy.”

    Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 2 Charlie Barnett

    (Credit: Fernando Decillis/NBC)

    The news takes Joe’s mom Gwen (Anne Ramsay) by surprise as she wonders aloud, “um, how come I’m the only one at this table who doesn’t know about this?” Others at the table begin to add into the noise being made, claiming they’ve never heard about Amy either.

    Seeking answers, Joe’s fellow guests get to the bottom line, pushing him by saying, “tell us.” What will he share about his reconnection with Amy? Find out in the exclusive clip, above, and don’t miss what the other Joe’s – musician and nurse – are up to when the drama returns.

    “Requiem” will also explore how Joe is handling the upcoming anniversary of 9/11, something the impacts each timeline as his father died during that fateful day. Tune in to see how it all unfolds.

    Ordinary Joe, Season 1, Mondays, 10/9c, NBC

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