Jamie Foxx Wrote a Misery Reboot Based on Real-Life Fan Encounter

    Stephen King’s Misery was famously adapted into a movie in 1990, and we just might see another adaptation coming from Jamie Foxx. Starring James Caan and Kathy Bates, the original movie – based directly on the King novel – tells the story of a crazed fan whose obsession with her favorite author goes too far. The story hits a bit close to home for Foxx, who couldn’t hel but think of Misery after his own odd experience with fans.

    In a recent interview with Men’s Health, Jamie Foxx explained how he typically comes up with his most creative ideas while dreaming at night. When he wakes up, the actor and filmmaker will sometimes write out these ideas, knowing that he has the opportunity to help get dream projects like this actually made. Foxx then noted how he wrote a new take on Ocean’s Eleven, then revealed how he rewrote Misery based on a real-life fan encounter that got a bit awkward.

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    “Opportunity gets me moving. Great idea, then I went to sleep and I woke up and that shit was in my dream. Now, I wrote the Black Ocean’s Eleven, or I just rewrote Misery.”

    Jamie Foxx clarified that his version of Misery would be an “over-the-top take” on an experience he had with a couple who won an evening with him in a charity auction. At the start of their time together, things were going well, as Foxx says the fans were very kind to him as he acted out scenes from Ray. Eventually, things started to feel “weird” at a certain point, and while this didn’t result in anyone’s leg getting smashed with a sledgehammer, it was enough to creep out Foxx, inspiring a new version of Stephen King’s classic story.

    “You know what an actor loves more than money? Compliments. I was supposed to be there for 30 minutes. I ended up staying there for two hours-doing shit from Ray. But then it got weird. So I built upon that.”

    Rob Reiner directed the original Misery movie, which was based on the Stephen King novel and written by William Goldman. It’s widely regarded as one of the best adaptations of a King novel, winning Kathy Bates an Academy Award for Best Actress. King himself has also credited Misery as one of his favorite movies based on his work. Needless to say, following Misery with another movie would definitely be a challenge for any filmmaker. But as Lizzy Caplan proved on Castle Rock, fans would be willing to accept new takes on the Stephen King source material.

    Jamie Foxx is of course best known as an actor, given his tremendous accomplishments in the field. In recent years, he has taken on more responsibilities creatively. This includes co-writing and directing the upcoming sports drama All-Star Weekend, in which Foxx will also star alongside Jeremy Piven, Jessica Szohr, Eva Longoria, and Robert Downey Jr. An official release date hasn’t yet been announced.

    Meanwhile, Foxx will continue to perform on the screen. He is set to play boxing legend Mike Tyson in an upcoming biopic series, a passion project for him that has been in development for years. Dubbed Tyson, the series is directed by Antoine Fuqua and executive produced by Martin Scorsese. You can read the full interview with Jamie Foxx at Men’s Health.

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