Scott Eastwood Is the MCU’s Wolverine in Uncanny X-Men Deepfake Video

    If Scott Eastwood has no qualms bouncing from DC to the MCU, he needs to send this deepfake sizzle reel over to the powers that be. Case closed, welcome to to MC Universe, Mr. Wolverine! Check out the deepfake that has Scott Eastwood doing some sizzling of his own as Wolverine.

    [embedded content]

    The deepfake has Scott Eastwood in a number of clips that has won fans over, which is no small feat, as Hugh Jackman has embodied the role for fans for years. Check out the comments, Wolverine fans are nearly unanimous in their approval. Hand that man some shiny claws!

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    As Disney has scooped up 20th Century Fox and all its assets, including Fantastic Four and X-Men, we could see the gang all back together again. While news of a film franchise has yet to be released Disney has some plans for a series, saying, “This series would be an anthology series based on the character of Wolverine. Since Wolverine is immortal and has a multitude of stories to tell, each season will focus on a particular story within the Wolverine mythos. Think like American Horror Story, where there’s a season long plot and then it resets.”

    DC has Finn Wittrock starring as Guy Gardner in a similar concept with Green Lantern, so Disney can have a little taster of how the series is received over at HBO before diving in. In the same way, Marvel intends to bounce around the timeline, as Wolverine has a longstanding and vast amount of story to tell. Rumor has it, they would like to start with Wolverine’s origin story, his time in the Weapon X program, and ultimately what shapes him into Wolverine.

    We might have to wait for a bit, as Disney is in the middle of some Marvel lawsuits that might be taking up its time for a while. But with a slew of new characters to explore, I’m sure we can look forward to quite a few off-shoots in the future.

    And while we’re talking about recasting iconic roles, Daniel Craig, being asked back in 2017 if Hugh Jackman might be a good Bond fit, his response was “Over my dead body.” Deepfake maker stryder HD has made a great deepfake argument for Tom Hardy as the new Bond with this gem. Tell me you disagree!

    [embedded content]

    While on the topic of deepfakes, it seems to me like the whole campaign, debate, audition, and focus group process could be eliminated with the deepfake makers. When Elijah Wood was vying for Frodo he told the story like this.

    “I went to a vocal coach for the dialect and enlisted some friends, including George Huang, who is a writer and filmmaker,” he said. “We went out to the woods in Griffith Park and shot two of the audition sequences there and one at my house.” Wood took the VHS tape to the casting office, which sent it to Jackson, the actor recalled. “I got a call from Peter himself, which was amazing, totally mindblowing,” Wood said. While I love that story, and Wood’s passion for the the role, might we start seeing actors hire these deepfake makers, and call it a day? “Put my face on this, and send it over to the studio!” Done and done.

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