No Time to Die Will Be First Movie Shown on World’s Biggest IMAX Screen

    The 25th film in the long-running James Bond franchise, No Time to Die, is set to premiere in a few days and promises to deliver the jaw-dropping action and thrilling spy antics the Bond films are famous for. No Time to Die marks Daniel Craig’s fifth and final outing as the iconic British spy 007 aka James Bond. Boasting an all-star cast and a nearly three-hour-long runtime, No Time to Die has left no stone unturned to bid a grand farewell to Daniel Craig, who has been playing the character for 15 years. Recently, it was announced that No Time to Die will be the first film to play on the newly minted IMAX screen at the Traumpalast multiplex in Leonberg Germany.

    The IMAX screen at Traumpalast will be the world’s biggest when it opens to the public on September 30, the same day No Time to Die premieres. IMAX is becoming the go-to theater for most people these days due to its one-of-a-kind viewing experience. A giant screen, the best audio possible, and unique 3D technology are what lures the audience to watch their favorite blockbusters in IMAX. But Traumpalast has taken it up a notch. This new IMAX screen weighs over 500 lbs and stands at 70 feet high and 125 feet wide. To put that into perspective, it’s approximately seven-story high and wider than a Boeing 737 airliner.

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    The movie theater has a seating capacity of 574 people and features IMAX’s 12 channel surround sound technology with side and overhead channels for dynamic range and precision. It is also equipped with Laser technology instead of the usual 70mm film. Rich Gelfond, CEO of IMAX, released a statement announcing the launch.

    “The IMAX at Traumpalast redefines the ‘big screen’. With Lochmann Filmtheaterbetriebe, we’ve created an unforgettable moviegoing experience where fans can truly immersive themselves in the world’s biggest blockbusters on the world’s largest screen. As we continue to grow in Germany and open new iconic locations around the world, the IMAX at Traumpalast will become an exciting flagship location at a critical time for fans seeking premium, differentiated experiences.”

    “Audiences in Germany and beyond will travel far and wide to see the IMAX at Traumpalast, from its enormous screen and incredible audio to the luxurious seating and other exciting amenities the theatre has to offer. We’re proud to partner with IMAX on this new, record-breaking location and can’t wait to start letting fans in the door,” added exhibitors Marius and Heinz Lochmann.

    No Time to Die is the first bond film to be shot with IMAX cameras. Director and co-writer Cary Fukunaga and cinematographer Linus Sandgren pushed to use film over digital and shot around 40 minutes of footage in IMAX format. After all, the IMAX is arguably the most immersive viewing experience there is, and directors like Christopher Nolan and Dennis Villeneuve regularly utilize the format to shoot their films. In No Time to Die, the audience will get to experience 26% more picture in the IMAX filmed sequences. Also, No Time to Die will be the first bond film to release in 3D.

    Alongside Daniel Craig, No Time to Die also stars Rami Malek, Christoph Waltz, L&éa Seydoux, Lashana Lynch. Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris, Jeffrey Wright, Ralph Fiennes, and Ana de Armas. No Time to Die hits theaters on 30 September 2021 in the U.K. and 08 October in the United States. Be sure to check it out.

    This news comes to us via Deadline.

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