‘Chicago Fire’ Surprises Casey: Who Is Griffin Darden?

    [Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 2 “Head Count.”]

    Chicago Fire dug deep into its history with a surprise visitor to Firehouse 51 at the end of the September 29 episode. And this teen was one Captain Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) definitely didn’t mind taking a moment to see.

    As the episode revealed, Casey’s epic rescue in the premiere went viral, attracting the attention of teen girls flocking to the firehouse for selfies. Blake Gallo (Alberto Rosende), on the other hand, wouldn’t have minded if his save in “Head Count” brought the same attention. Then, as the episode ended, Darren Ritter (Daniel Kyri) told Casey there was another teenager looking for him and offered to be a distraction while the captain left another way.

    But Casey would be happy he didn’t take the out, once he joined the young man in front of the photos of those they’ve lost in the line of duty. “Now that’s a firefighter worthy of hero-worship, Andy Darden. He was a good friend of mine,” he said. “I know, Matt,” the young man said, turning. “He was my dad.” Welcome back, Griffin Darden!

    “It’s been a while,” he acknowledged. “Feels like a lifetime,” Casey agreed, asking how he, his brother Ben, and their mother are doing. That’s when Griffin revealed the reason for his visit: “Matt, I need your help.”

    As you may or may not recall, Andy Darden (Corey Sorenson) was the firefighter 51 lost during a call back in the series premiere in 2012. After, Casey stepped up to help the family, even taking in Andy’s sons while their mom was in prison for a DUI and vehicular manslaughter. When she got out, the family moved away. That was back in Season 2!

    Will his return mean trouble for Casey? Did something happen to Andy’s mom or brother? Whatever it is, something tells us Casey’s life is about to get as complicated as it did back in Season 2.

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