Dog the Bounty Hunter Finds Fresh Campsite as He Closes in on Brian Laundrie

    Brian Laundrie’s capture might be imminent if Duane “Dog” Chapman’s leads on the wanted fugitive are accurate. Recently, the famous bounty hunter – who achieved international fame on television with his reality show Dog the Bounty Hunter – revealed that he had joined the manhunt for Laundrie. Last week, Chapman was recorded knocking on the Laundrie family’s front door of their home after launching an investigation. And now, it appears that Dog has stumbled onto a fresh campsite believed to have been used by Brian Laundrie. The Bounty Hunter is currently on Florida’s Shell Island.

    According to Dog previously, he’s had a never-ending stream of tips pouring in, and now he feels confident he’s got a good lead on Brian Laundrie as they storm Shell Island. On Twitter, Chapman said on Tuesday that his team is “cooperating with law enforcement” and wouldn’t be revealing any of the information they’d received so as not to jeopardize the case. Hoping to shut down apparent rumors, Chapman also said he had not spoken at all to the Laundries, nor has any contact been made with Brian at this time.

    A new video posted to Twitter on Wednesday suggests Dog has made more progress with his search. Using the assistance of boat crews, ground teams, and rescue dogs, Chapman is in an area that he believes would be a great place for a fugitive to try to hide. As he says in the clip, “Not too many people out here, but there’s a lot of environmental things we’re gonna fight. So, here we go, the search now is really on. The search has just begun.”

    Shortly before Duane “Dog” Chapman tweeted that video, word broke that he was said to be closing in on Brian Laundrie’s location. Per TMZ, sources close to the investigation claimed that Dog was heading to a remote site where he believes Laundrie had recently been hiding. Dog reportedly obtained information that led him to believe Laundrie was “alive and moving around as of 10 PM” on Tuesday.

    On September 30, Dog stumbled upon what he believed to be a fresh campsite on Shell Island, once occupied by Brian Laundrie. There, he found an empty can of Monster energy drink. In the earlier search, Dog’s team did not find any evidence that Laundrie is in the woods on Egmont Key. But the bounty hunter did taunt the fugitive with high flying banner that read, “‘Aloha Brian Laundrie”.

    The new Twitter video seems to confirm the TMZ report, although Dog still hasn’t said exactly where he and his crews are though he is said to be on Shell Island in Florida. Perhaps we’ll find out more information as Dog’s search of the area makes some ground, whether or not there are any new clues that can corroborate the tips. It’s impossible to say at this point how accurate Dog’s information might be, or if this new search will get him any closer to finding Laundrie, but it’s worth noting Chapman has been actively working as a professional bounty hunter for many years.

    Law enforcement and the FBI want to speak to Brian Laundrie about the death of his fiance, Gabby Petito. The two had been traveling in a van for a cross-country trip, and Gabby was reported missing by her family when Brian returned home without her, proceeding to allegedly cut off all contact. Petito’s remains were later found in Wyoming, and while final autopsy results are pending, a preliminary determination lists the cause of death as homicide. Laundrie’s parents reported him missing two days before Petito’s body was found.

    Former America’s Most Wanted host John Walsh has also been doing his part to find Brian Laundrie. He profiled the case on his newest program, In Pursuit with John Walsh, and has since said that he’s gotten hundreds of new tips. No word yet on if any of them are similar to the information Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman recently received. In any case, Dog continues to ask for help with the investigation, so anyone who might know something that could help is encouraged to phone in at 833-TELLDOG. Callers can remain anonymous and all tips are confidential. This news comes from TMZ.

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