Real-Life Devil Dog Channels Pennywise the Clown and People Are Freaking Out

    We can now add ‘Demon Dog’ to our go-to list for nightmare material. Over on Twitter, @thegallowboob has shared a pic that had him openly commenting, “never been more scared of a dog.” The comparison to IT monster Pennywise the dancing clown was the horrifying consensus. The exquisitely crude and masterful photoshop jobs are equally giggle-inducing.

    Rob N Roll got the ball rolling, captioning the first one with, “what the hell is going on behind that fence??? there are only two valid options.”

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    Twitter took it from there!

    The close up!

    Ellis Jay O’neill sees something different than the others. They’ll be the first one to go.

    Saya has a better grasp of the situation.


    Karen R. Sanderson gets us.

    But the imaginary blue ribbon for best comment goes to Chris! I’m gonna send out an imaginary dog biscuit bonus prize! Who’s a good boy?

    They have Pennywise costumes out their for your fur babes, but that fuzzy dude on the fence needs no other accoutrements. Nailed it! It honestly has sparked so many invention ideas. That guy is the perfect scarecrow for humans. A scarehuman? The name could use some work. Also, be sure to grab a screenshot for text responses to people you never want to hear from again. We really need a whole movie, as long as Chris voices it. “Rahro Crahrice.” Still killing me, Chris.

    Thanks Rob N Roll for kicking off the season with a real banger. I have my go-to’s for getting in the spooky mood, and none involve pumpkin flavoring. I’ve been listening to The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack and I’ve already listened to Greenskeepers ‘Lotion’ too many times, but it’s just such a jam. A couple of swears and mild nudity, but what do you expect from a music video about Buffalo Bill in The Silence of the Lambs? I can’t put the video here, because it has the dancing scene. You know the one.

    Now Rob has kicked off a scary dog movie itch that begs to be scratched. We can do Cujo, obviously. That lovable St Bernard getting bitten by that rabid bat is a shame, but oh, does it bring the scare jumps. Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell& with the adorable Ike Eisenmann from The Fantastic Journey. Devil Dog tells the tale of a dog that is a minion of Satan and terrorizes a suburban family.Salem’s Lot,&I could go on…

    What’s on your list for Halloween imperatives? I like to go check out all the weird new candy on offer for the season. I’ve already taken a cursory glance (I was with someone who had no patience for my sweets scrutiny.), and the pumpkin spice explosion is it’s own horror movie. Then I get cracking on my costume. If you don’t have any ideas, I think that Demon Dog up there might be the costume contest winner.

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