Scary Movie Tattoos Are Helping Fans Find Their New Horror Besties

    Tattoos are the ultimate homage. We show the world who we really are in a way that a message tee never could. If your love of horror is just too much to contain, you can use some of that skin, (It’s just laying around anyway!) and declare your devotion to horror movies that have changed your lives! (Disclaimer: I don’t have any tattoos, but after my horror tattoo rabbit whole, I might need to take off early for my tattoo of… See, that’s the hard part! What movie tells folks EXACTLY who I am?) These folks knew without hesitaion. Check out this ink, and see if you’ve found your person!

    [embedded content]

    If we’re gonna introduce scary movie tattoos, who better to start with than the master himself, the iconic Tales from the Crypt host The Crypt Keeper. Captioned, “Happy First Day Of Halloween Everyone!!! We’ve got the Crypt Keeper here to get you in the spirit!” That’s what I’m talking about!

    Here’s a classic! Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! about a group of scientists who band together to save the world from mutated killer tomatoes. That let’s them know you’ve been a fan of horror for ages, and you like a giggle.

    For the folks who aren’t quite ready to be dripping in ink blood, want to show their Halloween pride, and don’t want to wear a jacket for the patch, this is the perfect choice. Check out that embroidery work!

    Now let’s get into it! Where my Poltergeist people at? If you love hearing the name Carl Anne, and people pleading with you to either stay away from the light or run to the light (!), I’ve found an option for you. I searched forever to find a Zelda Rubinstein tattoo, but that might have brought all the Granny’s to the yard. Not that that’s a bad thing!

    There’s a whole clan of Michael Myers fans out there, but we couldn’t leave Halloween out! Sport our John Carpenter classic, and you won’t just find your person, you’ll find your thriving community!

    The same goes for the Beetlejuice enthusiasts. So many good ones!

    Another thriving community is The Exorcist fans, but we can’t leave Regan out!

    If a nice bottle of chianti, some lotion in a basket, a strait jacket and dancing around in a kimono is your idea of a good time, these The Silence of the Lambs tats will be right up your dark alley.

    Critters, anyone?

    There’s so many great flicks and ink homages; I haven’t even scratched the surface, but it would not be Movieweb without showing my The Lost Boys love.

    Also, are these Rob Zombie’s tootsies?

    I’ve got so many more I want to share, but I’ve got a doctor’s appointment (Shhh…) and I still don’t know what I should get! Maybe I’ll just dip a toe in and start out small showing my Halloween love.

    Got any obscure movie ink to share? Show us in the comments, but let us guess! Then you’ll know, we were meant to be.

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