‘The Graham Norton Show’: Daniel Craig & Rami Malek Tease New 007 Villain (VIDEO)

    The Graham Norton Show returns for Season 29 this Friday, October 1 on BBC America and we have an exclusive first look at the cast of the next James Bond film, No Time to Die in this sneak peek from the premiere.

    Joining Graham in the episode are Daniel Craig, Rami Malek, Lashana Lynch, and Léa Seydoux who are promoting their long-delayed flick which finally arrives in theaters Friday, October 8, plus there is a performance from musical guest Ed Sheeran. In the sneak peek clip, above, the discussion turns to James Bond villain, particularly, what’s up with Rami Malek’s new character and his blemished skin in the film.

    The Graham Norton Show Rami Malek

    (Credit: BBC America)

    “Something we’ve noticed over the years is that bond villains don’t have much luck with their complexions,” Graham says, kicking off the topic for debate. He goes on to support his argument by presenting several photos of past Bond villains. “But now, what is wrong with you?” Graham goes on to ask, directing his question at Malek.

    “A lot’s wrong with me,” the actor jokes before looking to his costar for some assistance. “Daniel, help me out with this….?” Malek pleads, looking to Craig who is sat across the stage from him.

    Coming to his fellow actor’s defense, Craig, who ends his run as 007 in this upcoming film says, “There’s a major plot point that is about the way he looks, and it’s sort of important that we don’t give it away.”

    “Is he allergic to detergent?” Graham asks plainly, winning laughs from the audience and his guests. See how Malek answers the silly question in the clip, above, and don’t miss The Graham Norton Show‘s return this week on BBC America.

    The Graham Norton Show, Season 29 Premiere, Friday, October 1, 11/10c, BBC America

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