Jason Blum Is Open to Making More Halloween Movies After Halloween Ends

    Michael Myers could be sticking around under the Blumhouse umbrella for many years to come. Starting with the Halloween reboot that was released in theaters in 2018, the Blumhouse has been collaborating with Universal Pictures on a new planned trilogy of movies. The second installment, Halloween Kills, will finally be released this month, both in theaters and on the streaming service Peacock.

    The third movie, Halloween Ends, is expected to conclude the saga of Laurie Strode vs. Michael Myers. As it stands now, there’s no deal in place for Jason Blum and Blumhouse to move on past Halloween Ends with more movies set in the Halloween universe. That might change in the future, however, as Blum has made it clear in a new chat with that he’d be “thrilled” to keep making new Halloween movies after Halloween Ends comes and goes.

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    “We made an arrangement for three movies. We had a three-picture marriage with Michael Myers. I would love to extend it. If Malek [Akkad] would like us, I’d love to extend it, but we’re very busy making sure the third movie is spectacular because that’s our immediate job and if it goes beyond that, I’d be thrilled. But there are currently no plans for us to be involved after this third movie.”

    It seems more likely than not that Jamie Lee Curtis’s Laurie Strode will see her story coming to an end no later than Halloween Ends. Curtis herself has even suggested that this movie will be the end of her time in the series. One of the new movies’ producers, Ryan Freimann, also told that any potential future installments will need to look past the Laurie Strode saga to explore some new territory in the Halloween franchise.

    “I think there are other ways and other mediums in which to explore this franchise. I wouldn’t necessarily say … I mean, there’s always interest in exploring Season of the Witch again. Is it something we’d race to do? I don’t know. Our focus has been COVID delays, figuring out how to do Halloween Ends and shoot it, COVID protocols on that, all of those things, coming out of that. That’s been our focus … But I think it would be something, where we explore other, outside areas of the Halloween universe. I think after this many films, too, we have to look other places, just to get a little more creative, right?”

    It’s interesting that Freimann notes Halloween III: Season of the Witch as a title some fans want to see revisited. We probably shouldn’t bet on that one, as Jason Blum has outright said he has no interest in rebooting that movie. It seems more likely that Michael Myers would be back in one way or another in another sequel after Halloween Ends, whether that means rebooting the story from scratch or following new protagonists. After all, let’s not forget how much disdain Halloween III caused at the time of its release by going in another direction creatively.

    For its day-and-date release, Halloween Kills will be released in theaters and on Peacock on Oct. 15. This news comes to us from

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