The Suicide Squad Gag Reel Reveals the Bloody Movie’s Silly Side

    Filmmaker James Gunn’s quasi-reboot The Suicide Squad was one of the most highly-anticipated DCEU projects of the year. After a very long delay, the film’s release did not disappoint. Fans and critics alike deemed The Suicide Squad one of the most fun and surprisingly heart-warming entries in the franchise so far. Now, Warner Bros. Entertainment has released an official gag reel for the movie that confirms making The Suicide Squad was just as fun as watching it.

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    The four-minute reel is filled with the film’s cast trying and failing to keep a straight face during the story’s more ridiculous moments. From Idris Elba (Bloodsport) laughing uncontrollably during what was meant to be a tearful scene to Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn) losing it over Javelin’s (Flula Borg) inability to keep his signature weapon upright, the cast of A-listers is clearly having a good time bringing Gunn’s unique brand of action-comedy to life.

    The highlight of the gag reel might be John Cena being stone-faced in keeping with his role as the humorless Peacemaker, while still managing to improvise comedic moments using a severed finger prop. It is also hilarious to watch Margot Robbie failing to remember her lines due to the mass of live birds resting on her body during her scenes with her dictator boyfriend.

    The most painful moment occurs near the 3:05 mark when Bloodsport actor Idris Elba appears to take a nasty tumble while jumping down from a pile of rubble. Still, the overall vibe of the behind-the-scenes reel is highly positive, right up until the final moments when the video gets the title Javelin (and the Suicide Squad also).

    Judging by the comments and likes on the video, fans are clearly loving the peek behind the curtain at Gunn’s maiden effort in the DCEU. The filmmaker first shot to fame as a superstar superhero moviemaker with the success of the MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy series.

    It was not long before Warner Bros. came calling, offering Gunn essentially limitless freedom to make any kind of a movie for the DCEU using any character he wanted. While Gunn considered taking on a more well-known character like Superman at first, ultimately he decided upon the Suicide Squad based on his love for their comic series.

    True to the promise made to the filmmaker, Gunn’s take on The Suicide Squad appears to be refreshingly free of the kind of studio interference that David Ayer had to contend with while making 2016’s Suicide Squad. Gunn has repeatedly emphasized that he had a great relationship with the studio while making The Suicide Squad, which is why he is already set to return to the franchise with a Peacemaker spinoff series starring John Cena.

    For now, fans of The Suicide Squad can look forward to the release of the Blu-ray version of the film, which Gunn has promised contains plenty of extra and deleted scenes and commentary. The Suicide Squad is now available on PVOD and will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on October 26.

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