Dr. Elvira Is in to Prescribe Horror Movies All Month Long on Netflix

    The holidays are when streaming services truly shine and this Halloween Netflix is going all out with content and programing. This year Netflix recruited the expert for all things spooky, Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson, Mistress of the Dark with the month-long Netflix & Chills event. Her only mission is to guide us through another horror-filled Halloween season.

    In 1981, six years after the death of Larry Vincent, who starred as host Sinister Seymour of a Los Angeles weekend horror show called Fright Night, the show producers began to bring the show back only this time with a twist, the producers decided to use a female host. After a few people denied the role they did a casting call and Cassandra Peterson auditioned and won the role.

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    They didn’t have a real vision or image in mind for the new host so they left it up to Peterson to put together. She and her best friend, Robert Redding, came up with the sexy punk/vampire look after producers rejected her original idea to look like Sharon Tate’s character in The Fearless Vampire Killers. John Paragon was another early collaborator who worked with Elvira frequently over the years since.

    The concept went through some changes, a lawsuit and then more changes but what we got in the end is the image we all have grown to love….Elvira! Elvira’s closing line for each show, wishing her audience “Unpleasant dreams,” is a nice touch too. Now fans also own their own Elvira action figure featuring the horror hostess.

    Peterson’s Elvira character gained notice with her tight-fitting, low-cut black gown. With a tone of a California “Valley girl”, she brought a sarcastic edge to her commentary. She reveled in dropping risqu&é double entendres and making frequent jokes about her unique look. In an AOL Entertainment News interview, Peterson said, “I figured out that Elvira is me when I was a teenager. She’s a spastic girl. I just say what I feel and people seem to enjoy it.”

    The streaming service has loaded up its library with a ton of films and shows to take you all the way up to the main event night. In her first opening session, Dr. Elvira so eloquently explains that frightening features are good for relieving anxiety as they induce all those happy hormones such as serotonin and mood boosters like adrenaline. For those struggling with “anxiety, stress, and jitters,” Dr. Elvira recommends sitting down on the couch for a good scare.

    Dr. Elvira’s weekly sessions in the month will debut every Sunday in October. Each week she takes over to prescribe new series and films to check out, from the classics to new originals. Maybe it’s a step forward in getting Elvira her own new series. We have a preview of what to expect from the Mistress and from Netflix.

    [embedded content]

    And we have a list of what you can watch and when it will be released so you can plan your sleepless nights accordingly. Let us know what you will be watching too!

    • Available Oct. 1:
    • Scaredy Cats
    • Dark Skies
    • The Guardian
    • Hotel Del Luna: Season 1
    • Jaws
    • Jaws 2
    • Jaws 3
    • Jaws: The Revenge
    • Labyrinth
    • Level 16
    • Mars Attacks!
    • Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Season 1
    • The Cave
    • The Devil Inside
    • Ghost (1990)
    • Till Death
    • Zodiac
    • Available Oct. 5:
    • Escape The Undertaker
    • Available Oct. 6:
    • There’s Someone Inside Your House
    • Available Oct. 8:
    • A Tale Dark & Grimm
    • Available Oct. 9:
    • Insidious: Chapter 2
    • Available Oct. 13:
    • Fever Dream / Distancia de Rescate
    • Available Oct. 15:
    • The Trip / I onde dager
    • Sharkdog’s Fintastic Halloween
    • You: Season 3
    • Available Oct. 20:
    • Night Teeth
    • Available Oct. 22:
    • Locke & Key: Season 2
    • Available Oct. 26:
    • Roswell, New Mexico: Season 3
    • Available Oct. 27:
    • Hypnotic
    • Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight Part 2

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