‘NCIS’: Is Parker Going to Arrest Gibbs? (VIDEO)

    NCIS is taking a trip to Alaska in the October 11 episode — and it looks like Gibbs (Mark Harmon) might have more to worry about than who hired hitman Paul Lemere (Jason Wiles).

    In “Road to Nowhere,” the team put the pieces together and figured out that the conglomerate Sonova had Paul kill people who would’ve stopped them building a copper mine (for materials for cell phones, a billion-dollar business) in Alaska. Gibbs and McGee (Sean Murray) planned to fly out to check it out. Meanwhile, FBI Special Agent Parker (Gary Cole) was called back to the office by Director Sweeney (Erik Passoja), and the promo for “Great Wide Open” seems to reveal why.

    As the teaser begins, Parker leads the FBI into Gibbs’ house, and they have a warrant for the suspended agent’s arrest. “Gibbs has managed to avoid paying the price for his actions. That ends today,” Director Sweeney says.

    But it looks like they’ll be too late, and Gibbs will leave for Alaska — after a quick check-in with Director Vance (Rocky Carroll) at the diner. Watch the promo below for more, then scroll down for another peek at the episode via the photos of Gibbs and McGee in Alaska.

    NCIS, Mondays, 9/8c, CBS

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