‘Turner & Hooch’: Josh Peck and Showrunner Matt Nix Tease ‘Satisfying’ Finale

    Disney+’s Turner & Hooch is heading into its season finale and a lot of questions still remain as the penultimate episode put U.S. Marshal Scott Turner (Josh Peck) in the very precarious position of being held at gunpoint (teased in the exclusive clip, below).

    “Basically, everything’s going to rest on how much of a dog person Scott Turner has become,” explains showrunner Matt Nix. “Every bit of his dog person-ness is going to be on the line in a big way.”

    Turner & Hooch, Josh Peck as Scott Turner for Dinsey+

    (Credit: Disney+/Farah Nosh)

    After a season-long investigation into the circumstances surrounding their father’s death, Scott and his sister Laura (Lyndsy Fonesca) had made a break in the case as they uncovered dogfighting as the root of all of their questions. In Episode 11 though, when Scott pursued a hot trail, he was lead straight to the metaphorical belly of the beast. As he seemingly found the secret spot where the dogfighting occurs, Scott got held up without his trusty Hooch by his side.

    So, what’s coming next? “It’s very satisfying,” promises Peck. “Throughout the season, [Scott has forged] this beautiful bond with his partner and savior, [as well as] Jessica (Carra Patterson). He’s starting to rediscover his relationship with his sister. He’s getting some closure with the girl that broke his heart. And so, I feel like everything sort of truly hits its apex in the finale.”

    Turner & Hooch, Josh Peck and Vanessa Lengies as Scott and Erica for Disney+

    (Credit: Disney+/David Bukach)

    As for the girl who hasn’t broken Scott’s heart, dog trainer Erica (Vanessa Lengies), she might finally get her chance with the Marshal before the season is through. “Scott and Erica are great together as are Josh and Vanessa. Fans of the storyline will definitely have something to watch,” teases Nix who adds, “Anyone who likes the storyline will enjoy the moment that Erica learns Scott has broken up with Brooke (Becca Tobin). It is delightful.”

    While Scott and Erica are great together, the true love story at the center of this series is between Scott and his pup, but working together isn’t always as flawless as it appears onscreen. “To Matt and all the writers’ credit, they started to put Hooch in situations where he could be his cutest and most effective and not have to do things that were out of the dog’s comfort zone,” Peck notes.

    “For us as the actors, if we try to resist what the dog’s doing, it’s just going to make for longer days” the actor shares. “If we acknowledge the reality that this is a beautiful, honest creature… we can be flexible and allow the dog to bring out moments we never expected.”

    See those moments come out when Turner & Hooch‘s season finale arrives on Disney+. And catch an exclusive sneak peek at what’s next, below.

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