‘The Boys’: 6 Inside Secrets Revealed During the New York Comic Con Panel

    While we’re waiting for The Boys to return for Season 3, some of the stars of the Amazon Prime Video hit came together to reflect on Seasons 1 and 2 at 2021 New York Comic Con.

    Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty, Chace Crawford, and Karen Fukuhara appeared at the Javits Center on the Empire Stage to look back on some of the best moments from the edgy superhero series so far. While production has wrapped on Season 3, not much was shared regarding the latest chapter, but we’re rounding up some of the best tidbits from the panel below to tide fans over until then.

    The Boys New York Comic Con 2021

    (Credit: New York Comic Con/Reed Pop)

    Seth Rogen does his best Butcher

    Jack Quaid got candid about his audition experience revealing that Seth Rogen “read Butcher’s lines” for the session. One of the best parts? Quaid offered an impression of Rogen’s attempt at a Cockney accent while imitating Karl Urban‘s character in the series.

    The pitfalls of superhero suits

    When the panel’s moderator posed a question about costumes for the series, Crawford noted that Starr’s Homelander getup is among one of the most intense ensembles. “My suit’s a nightmare,” Starr noted but admitted that you get used to being constricted in the tight suit. According to Crawford, Starr’s suit also has a cooling layer that no one on set envies.

    As for Quaid and Fukuhara, they noted that the worst part of their “uniforms” (or lack thereof) is that they’re “always covered in blood,” though they’re pretty comfortable otherwise. The downside of wearing fake blood in Vancouver? “The bees!” which, according to Quaid and Fukuhara, are eager to attack.

    And look out for an onscreen nap in Season 3 as Moriarty teased costar Nathan Mitchell, who plays Black Noir, fell asleep during filming because his head-to-toe black costume and helmet didn’t do much for combating exhaustion. According to Moriarty, Mitchell was “fully 100 percent asleep, caught on camera.”

    The Boys New York Comic Con 2021 Jack Quaid

    (Credit: New York Comic Con/Reed Pop)

    Imagine Helen Mirren voicing The Deep’s gills…

    The Deep’s gills were a big topic of conversation during the panel as Crawford said “it drove me insane” to wear the prosthetics for his character’s look. The actor also remembered showrunner Eric Kripke claiming that Season 2’s talking gill scene was potentially going to be voiced by Helen Mirren. Ultimately the gig went to Patton Oswalt.

    This lead Crawford to recall singing with said talking gills which sparked his costars, Starr and Moriarty, to push for a live performance on the NYCC stage. Much to viewers’ delight, he threw out a couple of notes.

    What’s it like inside of a whale?

    The stars shared their most memorable onset experiences which ranged from Season 2’s whale crash to some intense love scenes. Quaid recalled wondering “how the f**k am I here doing this?” when shooting the whale scene from Season 2 and even revealed that costar Laz Alonso thought there would be an air conditioner inside of the fake marine animal.

    Meanwhile, Fukuhara opened up about her experience learning specially crafted sign language for her character Kimiko. Moriarty enjoyed sharing a story from Season 1 which involved Starlight knocking down all of the bowling pins during a game with Quaid’s Hughie. “I wanna make a movie about that shot,” Quaid remarked, remembering how impressed everyone was on set.

    Starr opened up about his sex scene with Aya Cash‘s Stormfront and the challenges they faced with harnesses that he said could be “very damaging.” While trying to look sexy as they dangled in the air, the two “kept giggling” because it was anything but sexy.

    The Boys New York Comic Con Karen Fukuhara Erin Moriarty

    (Credit: New York Comic Con/Reed Pop)

    “We Didn’t Start the Fire, It Was Always… Annoying”

    The stars also revealed their processes for recording and memorizing lines. For instance, in the Season 2’episode featuring Quaid and Moriarty singing “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” the latter admitted she “blacked out” trying to memorize the Billy Joel lyrics. And if you thought Starlight and Hughie’s road trip only annoyed Mother’s Milk, the actors revealed it also annoyed the man behind the character — Laz Alonso. “We’re just children on set,” they admitted, adding that together they would “make these shrieks” that really got under Alonso’s skin.

    Moriarty and Fukuhara also spoke about their “girls get it done” fight against Stormfront in the Season 2 finale, which included ADR [Automated Dialogue Replacement] for Moariarty. The recording sessions were apparently very cathartic for the actress, who rejoiced in being able to yell “eat my s**t you Nazi bitch” over and over again in a booth.

    What’s with the Fresca?

    Chace Crawford joked that Season 2’s cult and its obsession with Fresca is “still a secret… we don’t know.” But the actor did share that Kripke revealed the meaning behind it to him once, and he still doesn’t really get it.

    Did you have a chance to catch the panel? Let us know what your favorite part of the event was in the comments section below, and stay tuned for updates on The Boys Season 3.

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