The Rock Warms Hearts with Birthday Serenade to 102-Year-Old Grandma Grover

    There are certain actors who do things that make all the misgivings of Hollywood melt away in a heartwarming moment, and someone who does that better than anyone is Dwayne Johnson. The Black Adam actor provided one of those moments this weekend when he took to his social media account to sing happy birthday to a 102 year old in what has become a strange but completely endearing annual tradition for the former wrestler that began on the centenary of “Grandma Grover” and we hope that it doesn’t stop anytime soon.

    Writing on his Twitter account, Johnson said, “When she turned 100, I started singing Happy Birthday to Grandma Grover. Today she’s 102 years old and this has become one of my FAVORITE things to do. And she sang back to me!! I wish I still had my grandma, but I do have her! Enjoy your birthday! Love, your Rock.”

    In the video, he said, “This is a very special video that goes out to a very, very special lady. This is one of the most special videos I will do all year, probably one of the most special videos I will do in my entire lifetime. This special lady turns 102 years old, so with all the love and mana that i have, it’s my pleasure to say this.” He then proceeded to sing happy birthday and blew a kiss to the camera before continuing, “Happy Birthday Grandma Grover it is your Rock, your one and only Rock. I did not forget your birthday, I couldn’t forget your birthday. I love you, we love you, America loves you, the world loves you. Out of the fighting city of Philadelphia you are a fighter and you are so strong and you look so beautiful. Happy birthday Grandma. I don’t have my grandma, I wish I did, but I have you. You’re my grandma, you’re America’s grandma. Happy birthday and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.”

    Johnson recorded the video in the gym for Grandma Grover, who sang back to Johnson her own song, and if the sight isn’t enough to give just that little bit of faith in kindness and the joy that celebrities can bring, as well as showing the better side of what social media can be used for, then it’s hard to say what will.

    When he is not serenading little old ladies, Johnson does pretty well in keeping his face on the cinema screen and that is something else that doesn’t seem to be about to change anytime soon. As well as this summer’s Jungle Cruise pretty much certain to get a sequel after its box office and Disney+ success, Johnson has also recently wrapped filming on his DC superhero debut as Black Adam, and will be providing the voice of Krypto the Superdog in DC League of Super-Pets animation.

    If you really can’t get enough of The Rock, then following his Twitter and Instagram accounts will also bringing him into your life even more as he regular posts updates on his current projects, training routines, diet and more. Jungle Cruise is currently available on Disney+, and Black Adam will arrive in theaters on July 29th, 2022.

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