Halloween Kills Petition Demands Removal of Firefighter Massacre

    Michael Myers is out for blood this month with the release of Halloween Kills, but not everyone is stoked. A petition on has been launched with the hope of removing the scenes where Michael murders responding firefighters after escaping from Laurie’s burning house at the start of the movie. A look at some of these kills was previously revealed in the official trailer, and “the boogeyman” was clearly not taking it easy on them.

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    “I want the scene in the new movie Halloween Kills where they show the Slaughtering of firefighters,” the petition description reads. “It is wrong because firefighters have been lured to houses fire and murdered by the person who set the fire. And it’s wrong that Michael killed the firefighters with the gear from the other firefighters he killed. As a soon to be firefighter I find it very offensive and so does my mom and dad who are retired firefighters.”

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    The petition author adds, “So I want that scene taken out of the movie. Michael didn’t have to kill them in a way they saved him so he should have saved the two firefighters in the house and went on his way to kill sister. There is no reason for that horrible disgusting scene. Especially since it has happened in real life. Like I said before firefighters have been lured to house fires and killed by some psycho in real life.”

    This isn’t playing out very well with many Halloween fans. One has gone ahead and created their own petition to stop the aforementioned petition, insisting that “murder is what these movies are about.” It’s hard to argue that point when Michael has killed rather indiscriminately in most Halloween movies. In any case, while there may be some people unhappy to see firefighters eating it in the opening scenes of Halloween Kills, I wouldn’t bet on the footage getting removed.

    There will be a lot more than a few firefighters getting killed in Halloween Kills. With the town of Haddonfield now aware of Michael’s rampage, a mob forms with the surviving Strodes in an effort to personally take him down. John Carpenter has referred to the sequel as the “ultimate slasher movie” and “Halloween on steroids,” which gives us an idea of just how brutal this particular installment of the franchise really is.

    Jamie Lee Curtis returns as Laurie Strode after narrowly surviving the 2018 Halloween. As seen in a new Halloween Kills featurette, other stars from the original Halloween returning for Halloween Kills include Nick Castle, Kyle Richards, Nancy Stephens, and Charles Cyphers. Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Dylan Arnold, and Will Patton return from the previous movie, while Anthony Michael Hall joins the cast as an older Tommy Doyle.

    Whether you see Halloween Kills on the big or small screen is up to you. The decision was made to give the movie a day-and-date release, meaning it will be released in theaters on the same day it’s made available to stream on Peacock at no extra charge. You can watch it starting on Oct. 15. This story was brought to our attention by iHorror, and you can check out the petition for Halloween Kills to remove its firefighter deaths at

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