WandaVision Spinoff with Jimmy Woo Would Be a ‘Blast’ Says Randall Park

    Many Marvel fans are hoping to see Randall Park back as Jimmy Woo in the MCU soon enough, and the actor himself is just as eager as everyone else for that moment to come. After making his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in 2018’s Ant-Man and the Wasp, Park returned as Agent Jimmy Woo in WandaVision earlier this year. His future in the MCU as it stands now is unclear with no immediate plans for him to appear in another movie or TV series.

    Recently, Randall Park spoke about his potential future in the MCU with ABC 7 NY. In the interview, Park was directly asked if we might be seeing Jimmy Woo again, and for his part, Park feels like it will happen sooner or later, though he’s not entirely sure. When asked if he’d be on board to star in his own WandaVision spinoff as Woo, Park called it a “no-brainer” and made it clear that he’d sign right up for that.

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    “I think he will be coming back at some point, but I can’t guarantee that… That would be a blast [to do a spinoff series]. I just love playing the character. I love the fact that he is such a sweet person. I think the world needs more of that.”

    You can’t argue with that. Jimmy Woo has a certain charm that makes him a very beloved character in the MCU, even if his time in the movies and shows has been a little limited thus far. Before Randall Park even addressed the possibility, fans had already been pitching for Jimmy Woo to get a WandaVision spinoff. Many fans would ideally want to see Park co-starring with Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis based on their chemistry in WandaVision.

    That’s something that could work, given the fan interest and the fact that Kat Dennings has also made it obvious she’d be happy to do it. Speaking with in August, Denning was asked about a WandaVision spinoff with Park, and she said, “I’m ALWAYS up for anything Marvel asks of me! It’s always up to the powers that be. I think they took notice of all the comments. I would do it in a heartbeat!”

    A popular pitch to bring back Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis is to feature them in an X-Files-like Marvel series, essentially having the two serve as the Mulder and Scully of the MCU. The pair could hypothetically look into various strange events and supernatural occurrences set in the world of the MCU, opening the door for all kinds of lesser-known characters from the comic books to also get involved. It sure sounds fun and there are a great many fans who’d be happy to watch Randall Park and Kat Dennings in the series every week.

    We do know that Marvel and Disney have no apparent issues in developing spinoffs to these new Marvel shows. It was recently reported that Kathryn Hahn would be getting her own dark comedy series spinoff as Agatha Harkness. Could Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis be next in line? You can watch WandaVision in its entirety on Disney+. You can also check out the full interview with Randall Park at ABC 7 NY.

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