Scream First Look Photos Reveal New and Returning Cast Members

    With rumors of a trailer coming very soon, several first look photos have been released for the upcoming slasher sequel Scream. The fifth installment of the popular Scream franchise, the new movie brings back several returning stars like Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette, while many newcomers are also joining the fold. Everyone is up to potentially new victims for Ghostface… unless they turn out to be the new incarnation of the masked killer.

    We haven’t gotten to see very much from the new Scream just yet, but that’s changed today with the release of several new photos. First published by Entertainment Weekly, the photos provide a first look at Ghostface’s return, with a figure in the familiar mask peering at the camera. Other photos reveal the returns of Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott, Courteney Cox as Gale Weathers-Riley, and David Arquette as Dewey Riley, along with Scream 4 star Marley Shelton as Judy Hicks.

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    Other photos reveal sneak peeks at the newcomers to the franchise, including Jenna Ortega as Tara in a shot that seems to pay homage directly to Drew Barrymore in 1996’s Scream. Other reveals include Melissa Barrera as Sam, Jack Quaid as Richie, Jasmin Savoy Brown as Mindy, Dylan Minnette as Wes, Mikey Madison as Amber, Mason Gooding as Chad, Kyle Gallner as Vince, and Sonia Ammar as Liv.

    “I was a huge horror fan when I was young,” said Melissa Barrera, who recently warned that fans “ain’t ready” for the new Scream. “I was obsessed with horror movies. I’m such a huge fan of Neve and Courteney. I was trying to be professional, and I would feel like I was dreaming. Neve Campbell is this whole franchise, and I was just very humbled to be coming in and get to share screen time with her.”

    Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett co-directed Scream with a screenplay by James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick. Wes Craven, who directed all four prior installments of the series, passed away in 2015. For years, it had appeared that a fifth Scream wouldn’t happen without Wes being there to steer the ship. That changed because of the respect the new filmmakers have for Craven and the previous movies, as Neve Campell told Entertainment Weekly.

    “I genuinely was in two minds,” Campbell said of being on the Scream set. “The idea of making these films without Wes Craven seemed challenging to me. I loved the man very much. But Matt and Tyler wrote me a letter, speaking of their appreciation and great respect for Wes Craven, and speaking of the fact that the very reason that they are directors today was because of these movies and because of Wes, and that meant a great deal to me.”

    David Arquette added, “Knowing that Kevin Williamson was an executive producer on it set me at ease. He really knows the tone. I mean, he set the whole world up!”

    Scream wil lbe released in movie theaters on Jan. 14, 2022. The first look photos were originally published at Entertainment Weekly.

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