Robin Williams Impersonator Jamie Costa Has Fans Wanting a Biopic with Impressive Test Footage

    A video clip of actor Jamie Costa doing an incredible Robin Williams impersonation is quickly going viral as it’s making many fans want to see it result in a feature length biopic. Uploaded to Costa’s personal YouTube account, the clip is simply titled, “ROBIN Test Footage Scene. It appears that the goal is for the footage to generate some interest in doing more with Costa playing Williams. You can check out the video below.

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    In the footage, which is set during Robin’s Mork & Mindy days in 1982, Costa showcases the legendary comedian’s unique style, though it’s also a bit dramatic. On the Paramount lot, Williams is told by his Mork and Mindy co-star Pam Dawber (Sarah Murphree) that his close friend and fellow comedian John Belushi had just passed away. Clearly, the news deeply affects Robin, but it does not stop him from going out to perform, working through his own grief to bring joy to others.

    Let’s be clear. Robin Williams is truly a one-of-a-kind comedian if there ever was one. The idea of doing a biopic has long seemed improbable because of that fact, as replicating such a unique persona would be a tremendous challenge for any actor. With that said, Jamie Costa has been impressing Robin’s fans with his performance in the test footage above. As the view count continues to climb by the tens of thousands, more and more fans are joining the call for a Robin Williams biopic to actually happen with Costa in the role.

    Among those impressed with the new footage is an actor who knew Williams personally. Thomas Tulak, who played the youngest of the Lost Boys in Hook, wrote in the YouTube video’s comments section, “I spent 7 months on set with him, becoming good friends. He was like an older brother to me, and he holds a special place in my heart to this day. For those 7 months he and I were close.”

    Tulak added, “This video gave me chills, and brought me to tears. For a moment it felt just like Robin himself was back. I now find myself wanting a Robin biopic more than anything, and I hope Jamie plays him. Jamie’s impression videos have been sent to me by many people over the years, and I’ve always found the likeness uncanny, but after seeing this I doubt anyone else could do a better job of playing Robin, and bringing the light and depth that the role would deserve. I hope this happens!”

    Robin Williams was 63 years old when he passed away in 2014. Because he had spent decades bringing laughter to so many people around the world, the nature of his passing came as a tremendous shock for many who hadn’t realized how much the late comedian was struggling. His death hit his fans especially hard with many still mourning all of these years later. In July, Williams would have turned 70 years old if he were still with us.

    Time will tell if Jamie Costa’s test footage will result in a Robin Williams biopic happening, but those looking to learn more of Robin’s story can do so by watching the 2020 documentary Robin’s Wish.

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