Here’s Where the Cast from Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World Is Today

    Edgar Wright’s 2010 film, Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, seems to gain more and more of a cult following every year since its release. The film, starring Michael Cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, is about Scott Pilgrim, a man who must fight off his new crush Ramona’s seven superhero exes in order to win her love. Despite ultimately failing at the box office, we are still talking about the film ten years following its release. But today, we will be taking a look at what the cast is up to now. From young Hollywood stars building up their portfolio for the spotlight to actors who have become a staple of their franchises and the film industry as a whole, we will look at the goings-on of 10 Scott Pilgrim cast members and director Edgar Wright. We will also discuss the future of the film and if a sequel is in the works.

    If we broke down the film’s cast before its release in 2010, we would find up-and-coming actors and actresses trying to make their way in the industry. We’d find a still-young Michael Cera breaking through his childish role in Superbad and into yet another starring role early in his career. What we wouldn’t expect to find are future mega-stars. The likes of Marvel superheroes (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World seemed to be a fitting start for them), hilarious leading ladies, and some stellar supporting actors and actresses are littered throughout the film’s cast. Now let’s take a look at where the cast of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is now.

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    Michael Cera (Scott Pilgrim)

    Michael Cera - Cast of Scott Pilgrim is Today

    In Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Michael Cera stepped into a comedy role unlike anything he had done before. While his previous roles, like Arrested Development and Superbad, were quirky comedies and actors could improvise comedically, Scott Pilgrim director Edgar Wright had a different vision. His goal was to adapt the graphic series of the same name and put it to film almost perfectly the same. As Scott Pilgrim, Cera took on action, CGI, and stunt work. Although the film did poorly in the box office, it seemed to be a fitting role for Cera, who was set to become an even bigger star – but that didn’t really happen. Instead, Cera took a back seat in the film industry; still acting, but in smaller roles. Appearing in films of all sorts, like The Lego Batman Movie, Sausage Party, and &Twin Peaks: The Return,& he’s always kept his name on the big screen, just under all the much bigger names &of today. He’s dabbled on stage and even has some new films in the works such as the animated film Blazing Samurai, which we don’t know much about yet. Michael Cera, since &Scott Pilgrim&,&has been here to stay, it’s just not so easy to see him like we used to.

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Ramona Flowers)

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Cast of Scott Pilgrim is Today

    Compared to the rest of the film’s cast, Mary Elizabeth Winstead has been much busier. She made her stamp on 2021 just a few months ago when Netflix released the film Kate where Winstead played the lead. While she didn’t have quite the familiar childhood career that Cera had, she has been in almost everything recently. In shows like Fargo and Netflix’s Love, Death, Robots, and box office hits like Birds of Prey and Gemini Man.&Becoming a facet of some of the industry’s box office breakers, in 2017, she started a relationship with another familiar actor, Ewan McGregor, star of Mike Flanagan’s 2019 The Shining sequel Doctor Sleep. Despite Winstead giving birth earlier this year, she continues to crush her roles and stay in the spotlight. &

    Ellen Wong (Knife Chau)

    Ellen Wong - Cast of Scott Pilgrim is Today

    Ellen Wong’s career never took off quite like her supporting actors in Scott Pilgrim, but she has still played a role in a few other films and continues to work today. Scott Pilgrim was Wong’s first role in a feature film and she has gone under the radar since, working in smaller roles for smaller films. She’s acted alongside Tom Hanks and Emma Watson in The Circle, as well as receiving her first starring role in In the Life of Music. Although just 25 years old during her role as Knife Chau, Wong has since grown into an actor of all genres, such as horror, sci-fi, drama, and history. Now, Wong is probably the least recognizable among her Scott Pilgrim cast, but you can still see her popping up in films far beyond her first role.

    Kieran Culkin (Wallace Wells)

    Kieran Culkin - Cast of Scott Pilgrim is Today

    Although he plays a familiar role as Wallace Wells in Scott Pilgrim, Kieran Culkin was recognizable before the role, being child mega-star Macauley Culkin’s younger brother. While his older brother of 2 years may have casted a shadow over Kieran, his film repertoire includes the 1999 rom-com She’s All That and, since Scott Pilgrim, he’s appeared in the ensemble comedy Movie 43, and even had a significant role this year in Steven Soderbergh’s No Sudden Move, where he played mob man Charley in what may be his best performance yet. While Macauley has had an already lengthy career in the spotlight since his 1990 smash hit Home Alone, his younger brother has been right there with him. And, while his brother Mac will always be remembered for the classic role, Kieran still has the potential to have a just as impressive, if not more impressive, career than his older brother.

    Alison Pill (Kim Pine)

    Alison Pill - Cast of Scott Pilgrim is Today

    Alison Pill has been actively featured in a slew of television series and feature films. But before her roles in American Horror Story and Adam McKay’s Vice as Dick Cheney’s wife Mary, she played Kim Pine, the cool but expressionless drummer of Pilgrim and his friends’ band, Sex Bob-Omb. In the film, she’s mockingly quoted saying, “We’re here to make money and sell out and stuff,” and that she did. Since Scott Pilgrim, she’s landed roles in Bong Joon-ho’s Snowpiercer, the Coen Brother’s Hail, Caesar!, television shows like FX’s Devs, and even stage plays like Three Tall Women. She’s seen great success, and will continue to, in genres like comedy, horror, and drama. She’s set to appear in two smaller films this year, All My Puny Sorrows and The Same Storm, as well as Little Marvin’s new horror drama, the series Them. Expect to see more of Pill as she transitions from supporting roles to starring roles.

    Jason Schwartzman (Gideon Graves)

    Jason Schwartzman - Cast of Scott Pilgrim is Today

    Jason Schwartzman – who plays the film’s main antagonist Gideon Graves – is most notable as a frequent Wes Anderson collaborator. Featured in six of Anderson’s feature films, like his 1998 star role Rushmore and 2017 film The Grand Budapest Hotel, Schwartzman is a force in comedy and drama, as he was in Scott Pilgrim. Since the film, he’s been reaching the masses in several different works, including his role in writing films like Isle of Dogs and The French Dispatch, set to release later this month. Just recently, he starred in the Oscar-nominated animated film Klaus and Gia Coppola’s 2020 film Mainstream. With an impressive slate of films set to release at the end of the year, The French Dispatch will be a true contender with stars including Schwartzman, Timoth&ée Chalamet, Billy Murray, Frances McDormand, and more. He’s appeared in television series like Fargo and the brand new adult animated series Duncanville. While we expect to see him in even more of Wes Anderson’s visionary films, we also can’t wait to see him in new television series and any other films he may be apart of in the future.

    Anna Kendrick (Stacey Pilgrim)

    Anna Kendrick - Cast of Scott Pilgrim is Today

    The Pitch Perfect star landed regular lead roles after her appearance in the 2012 film that yielded two sequels. But two years before, she played Scott’s sister Stacey in Scott Pilgrim&& vs. the World. The world got to know Kendrick pretty well the few years before and after 2010, due to her role as Jessica Stanley in the Twilight series. Since her big-screen break, we’ve seen Kendrick almost everywhere in the mainstream media. She had early success directly following Scott Pilgrim with an Oscar nod for her performance in Up in the Air. However, she reached superstardom when Pitch Perfect took audiences by storm. The film became a franchise up until 2017, where she would get into crime thrillers like A Simple Favor, even more sequels like Trolls World Tour, and an appearance as the host of Saturday Night Live. She didn’t play the biggest part in Scott Pilgrim, but that just seemed like a stepping stone role, as she would blossom into a seasoned actress and Oscar contender for a majority of her future performances.

    Aubrey Plaza (Julie Powers)

    Aubrey Plaza - Cast of Scott Pilgrim is Today

    Yet another actress who plays a lesser role in Scott Pilgrim, Aubrey Plaza has made her stamp as a female comedian. During her days on hit comedy series Parks and Recreation, Plaza played Julie Powers in the film, a similar character to April Ludgate from Parks and Rec. On the big screen, Plaza has an impressive and diverse list of starring roles from A24’s Life of Beth and religious comedy The Little Hours. Just last year, she starred in Lawrence Michael Levine’s Black Bear as well as landing a star role in the 2019 reprise of Child’s Play. She’s even starred in films written by her now husband, who she married this year. Plaza is set to join Scott Pilgrim cast member Jason Schwartzman in Duncanville and has been busy with several television and film appearances. There are a few things in the works, like television series Little Demon and Olga Dies Dreaming, but all we know is that Plaza has a hand in production. So, as she branches out into other industry roles, Plaza has expanded her range as an actress and continues to populate the comedy scene.

    Chris Evans (Lucas Lee)

    Chris Evans - Cast of Scott Pilgrim is Today

    The next actor on this list needs no introduction. While some people know him as America’s superhero, Captain America, Chris Evans got his start far before his role as superhero ex Lucas Lee in Scott Pilgrim – but has been a living film icon ever since. While you may be surprised at the number of stars from the film that have made their mark on the industry, real Evans fans know his superhero experience is unmatched between his recent role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his role in Scott Pilgrim, and his earlier role as the Human Torch in the original Fantastic Four. Aside from his superpowers, Evans also starred in 2019’s Oscar-nominated film Knives Out and 2020’s Defending Jacob. Writer/director Adam McKay’s newest film, Don’t Look Up, is set to release on Netflix, December 10, 2021, and features Evans alongside some of Hollywood’s best like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, and much, much more. Perhaps the most exciting news in regard to future work, Evans is also set to star as Pixar’s Buzz Lightyear in an animated origin story set to release sometime next year. While the overall Marvel buzz is not slowing down anytime soon, Evans has parted ways with the franchise. This only means that we get to see him branch out and possibly, such as Buzz Lightyear, step into even more iconic roles than just Captain America.

    Brie Larson (Envy Adams)

    Brie Larson - Cast of Scott Pilgrim is Today

    Portraying the lead for Marvel’s first stand alone woman superhero film, Brie Larson is the only actor from Scott Pilgrim to go on and win an Oscar. At the 88th Academy Awards in 2016, Larson left with a Best Actress Oscar for her captivating performance in Lenny Abrahamson’s Room. But a few years prior, she was featured in Scott Pilgrim as, not Ramona’s superhero ex, but Scott’s mysterious, rockstar ex Envy Adams. Larson’s ascension to stardom was a bit slower than some of her cast members, with Scott Pilgrim being one of the first acclaimed films in her filmography. After the film, she would then continue in the comedy genre, playing the female lead in 21 Jumpstreet. Her starring performances would later come more frequently with Short Term 12 in 2013 and Room in 2015. This provided a catapult to launch Larson into a group of A listers. She made several talk show appearances, including filling in for Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live and hosting Saturday Night Live like cast member Anna Kendrick. But after her Oscar in 2016, Larson hasn’t slowed down. With one solo movie under her belt as Captain Marvel, it seems her time with Marvel Studios is not done. Not only did she appear in this year’s blockbuster Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Larson is also set to have a role in The Marvels, one of many Marvel Studios films set to release in the coming years.

    Brandon Routh (Todd Ingram)

    Brandon Routh - Cast of Scott Pilgrim is Today

    Moving on to a star of much less magnitude is Brandon Routh, who portrayed Todd Ingrim. Like his on-screen girlfriend, Brie Larson, Routh has stepped into a solidified superhero role; on the small screen, however, not the big screen. While he has made some film appearances since Scott Pilgrim, his mainstay is in television, such as his recurring roles in DC Comics’ The Flash, Batwoman, and Legends of Tomorrow, currently premiering on The CW. Despite his recent success as Ray Palmer, or The Atom, on television, he once starred as the iconic Superman in 2006’s Superman Returns, alongside Kevin Spacey who played Lex Luthor. While his Superman role may now be overshadowed by Henry Cavill’s portrayal as the Man of Steel, Routh had box office success even before Scott Pilgrim. From his memorable role as Ingram in the film to his further solidification of his abilities to play the hero, Routh has seemed to find his place as a network television star; something that is few and far between nowadays due to streaming.

    Mae Whitman (Roxy Ricther)

    Mae Whitman - Cast of Scott Pilgrim is Today

    Wrapping up the list of Scott Pilgrim cast members and what they’ve been up to recently, Mae Whitman played Roxy Richter, Ramona’s “bi-furious” ex. Before the film, she starred as Katara in Nickelodeon’s hit cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender as well as playing a recurring role with fellow cast member Michael Cera in Arrested Development. Directly after her role as Roxy, Whitman stepped into another on NBC’s Parenthood. She voiced characters in video games and television shows like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from 2012-2017. She’s made several guest appearances on television and received one of her first lead roles in the 2015 box office success, The DUFF. Whitman has grown up since Scott Pilgrim and is keeping herself busy with film and television alike. Her roles haven’t been measured to the same magnitude of some of her cast members like Evans and Larson, but Whitman can still be seen featured on screen in several different media and genres.

    Edgar Wright (Director)

    Edgar Wright - Cast of Scott Pilgrim is Today

    Now that we’ve taken a look at what the cast has been up to, let’s see how busy Scott Pilgrim director Edgar Wright has been as of late. The acclaimed director received his big break back in 2004 with his first feature film Shaun of the Dead. His 2017 film Baby Driver, starring Ansel Elgort and Kevin Spacey, took his legacy with Scott Pilgrim and made it even greater, giving audiences an action drama with a memorable soundtrack. His directorial flair is present in both of these films, making him a household name in the minds of film nerds. He has both a writing credit and executive producer tag for Marvel’s Antman and 2021 is shaping up to be his best year yet. He has two feature films set for release this year: a music documentary about American pop/rock duo, Sparks, and his latest feature film, Last Night in Soho, about a young woman who gets transported back into the 1960s. The film is set for release in North America later this year and is Wright’s first try at horror on the big screen. While he’s been busy with his own work, let’s explore the future of Scott Pilgrim.

    With so many film and television franchises mentioned throughout this article, let’s now take a look at the future of Scott Pilgrim and if a sequel is in the works. The most direct answer is no, but it’s not impossible. The original film predates so much success for both the cast and director. With many of the actors and actresses stepping into more secure and recurring roles in both film and television, it would be difficult for them to reprise their roles in a Scott Pilgrim sequel. That being said, it is possible for Wright to take another road with different actors. That then raises the question of Wright’s availability to work on a sequel and, with his recent work coming so soon, that doesn’t seem very likely.

    Just last year, the cast of the film got together for its 10-year anniversary to do a table read of &Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. While the cast was happy to get back together after so much success elsewhere, no sequels were confirmed. And, even further down the line of the film’s speculation, the creator of the Scott Pilgrim character, author Bryan Lee O’Malley, has stopped writing for the franchise. Between the lack of source material for a sequel and the original film’s poor performance at the box office, a sequel is very unlikely; but us fans can always keep a glimmer of hope out there to see Cera, Winstead, and friends together again for a sequel.

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