Anson Mount Wants a Darker Green Lantern Movie, Thinks He’s Too Old for Marvel’s Gambit

    The comedic movie version of Green Lantern has been a thorn in the side of Ryan Reynolds and everyone else involved in it since it was released a decade ago, but Star Trek: Strange New Worlds actor Anson Mount would love the chance to wipe the movie from history with a grittier take on the DC hero if he had the chance.

    Like many comic book heroes, the mantle of Green Lantern has been taken on by many different people over the years since it was originally created as an alter ego for Alan Scott by Martin Nodell, including Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz to name a few who have taken on the power ring and everything that comes with it. Thanks to this, there are plenty of iterations of the character to work with, so surely it is only a matter of time before we see more from Green Lantern and a darker live-action run would fit better with the current DC Extended Universe line up.

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    Although the Green Lantern appeared on TV many times, it is the 2011 movie starring Reynolds that is mostly remembered, and for all the wrong reasons. With an underperforming debut at the box office and reviews that were mostly negative, any chances of a sequel to that movie very quickly disappeared and the character was buried for a while. However, Green Lantern is very much back on the list of superheroes making their way to the small screen, with appearances being lined up in the Arrowverse, an HBO Max series and a DCEU movie of Green Lantern Corps, there is as good a chance as any that Mount could get his chance to take on the role yet.

    Speaking to ScreenRant about the upcoming Injustice animated movie, Anson Mount discussed his thoughts on which live action role he would most like to take on. “Well, they already did Green Lantern so I’m not sure I’m gonna get to do that,” he said. “But I have always marveled at why – that project was in development for so long and I did always wonder why it was assumed that it should be a comedy. I’m not sure I quite get that, it’s a much more robust, at times darker, story than that.”

    As well as playing Christopher Pike in the Star Trek franchise, Mount has been well acquainted with the superheroes of both Marvel and DC in recent times, having appeared as Black Bolt in The Inhumans on the Marvel side, and voicing Batman in Injustice for DC. However, as well as Green Lantern, Mount also revealed that there is another Marvel character that he would have rather played than Black Bolt.

    “If you give me my choice of Marvel characters, I think Black Bolt would have been number two, second only to Gambit,” he explained. “Gambit is just one of the coolest characters in the Marvel universe and obviously I’m partial to him because he’s the Southern superhero. He’s definitely not one of the more powerful characters if you line them all up facing each other. But his wit and his ability to overcome such a dark past and then the far future reaches that Marvel has done with him in terms of the scope of his possible futures, it’s just amazing. I think it’s a really rich territory and even if it’s not with me, I hope Marvel does something with Gambit. Now, I’m probably too old so, you know, there’s some people out there that have been calling about Reed Richards, but I don’t know. My dance card’s a little full right now and so is theirs.”

    You can hear Mount taken on the role of Batman in Injustice when it arrives on October 19th. This news originated at ScreenRant.

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