‘Day of the Dead’ Stars Keenan Tracey & Natalie Malaika Tease a Bloody Good Time (VIDEO)

    Syfy’s latest series Day of the Dead is a lively and bloody tribute to the late zombie icon George A. Romero.

    In the 10-episode drama, the citizens of a small, rural Pennsylvania town face the very first day of an incoming zombie apocalypse. In the midst of the undead uprising is the local high school’s senior skip day, a mayoral election, ongoing work at a fracking site, and plenty else. Some townsfolk, obviously, will fare better than others.

    Two of the many survivors that viewers will meet throughout the series are teenage outcast Cam McDermott (Keenan Tracey) and funeral service worker Lauren Howell (Natalie Malaika). Cam, who helps with landscaping outside of the funeral home, as well as Lauren, will both be close by during the town’s first encounters with the risen dead.

    “They have this kind of cheeky rapport,” says Tracey of Cam and Lauren’s relationship. “He obviously has a huge crush on her, and she’s just a little older, a lot cooler, and doesn’t quite see him that way.”

    “Lauren’s [got] tunnel vision when she has a goal,” adds Malaika. And Cam and Lauren will be looking towards the ultimate goal in any piece of zombie cinema — survival. Can they make it through the first day, and beyond? Or will the undead — and possibly even their fellow living — slow them down? (And yes, Cam is the son of a certain Day of the Dead character who has also been revitalized for this series.)

    Check out the full video interview with Tracey and Malaika above for more about how they prepped for the series.

    Day of the Dead, Series Premiere, Friday, October 15, 10/9c, Syfy

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