Halloween Kills Blu-ray Includes an Extended Cut with an Alternate Ending

    Director David Gordon Green is back with another trip to Haddonfield as Michael Myers goes on another bloody, murder rampage. Halloween Kills is the sequel to the 2018 Halloween, which served as a sequel/reboot to the original Halloween from 1978, directed by John Carpenter. The Halloween resurgence also features the return of Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode along with the introduction of her family.

    Halloween Kills takes place right after the end of Halloween 2018. Michael has escaped from Laurie’s home and is now roaming Haddonfield, continuing his bloodbath. However, Laurie and the people of Haddonfield have had enough and form a mob to try and take down Michael once and for all.

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    Who lives and who dies in Halloween Kills will be answered when audiences see the movie. However, Green is promising that an extended version will be coming to Blu-ray along with an alternative ending to the theatrical release.

    “This is the director’s cut through and through, but there’s an additional scene that we filmed that was scripted. And actually I think is a pretty brilliant scene. So we’re going to do an extended version on the DVD, just so people can see an extended ending that’s different and cool,” David Gordon Green said in an interview with Collider. “We ended up lifting it when I became more confident of where we’re going to pick up in the next movie; it didn’t feel authentic to where we’re going to go. So we lifted it. So we just said, we’re kind of coming up with, okay, then if we lift that, where do we end? And it was actually Couper Samuelson at Blumhouse, he was just, let’s just end when it’s over. Lights out. He mentioned it, he was like remember in Rogue One, when you wanted the movie to end? When it was a Darth Vader going ballistic at the door.”

    “It’s part of the movie,” Gordon Green continues. “It’s just not part of the appropriate momentum of…I think it was cool in its own right as watching a one-off movie, but knowing where we’re going to exactly where we’re going to pick up which, you’ll know in a year, it wasn’t the right look in the eye that we needed to give the audience.”

    Halloween Kills is part of a Halloween franchise trilogy so the ending for it will lead into the next film. Halloween Ends is set to debut in October 2022 so the wait isn’t too long to see how this new trilogy ends. After this trilogy ends, Gordon Green is moving on to reboot The Exorcist in a new trilogy that will bring the franchise back to popularity.

    Halloween Kills debuts in theaters and on Peacock on Oct. 15. The Halloween Kills SteelBook, which Includes Digital Copy, 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray/Blu-ray is available for pre-order right now at–best-buy-2020/6483531.p?skuId=6483531&irclickid=TC1XKd2aExyIUfc0v2xGjxRzUkBX-6UpIwtoTk0&irgwc=1&ref=198&loc=Skimbit%20Ltd.&acampID=0&mpid=10078|Best Buy. In addition to Curtis, this sequel also stars Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, James Jude Courtney, Will Patton, and Anthony Michael Hall. Gordon Green also wrote the screenplay alongside Danny McBride and Scott Teems. The film comes from Blumhouse, Miramax, and Universal.

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