Best Lines of the Week (October 8-14): ‘I Gave Them Their Voices Back’

    Continuing our creep through this fall season on TV, we watch as long-time favorites bring something new to the table and we give new premieres a chance amongst our go-to shows.

    A first-time host, Kim Kardashian West delivered some memorably hilarious lines during her monologue and skits on Saturday Night Live. JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson continue breaking barriers as the first same-sex couple performing on Dancing With the Stars. The premiere of Just Beyond, the new Disney+ anthology series based on R.L. Stine’s writings, is a spooky spark for Halloween festivities.

    We said a temporary goodbye to our favorite lovable comedy Ted Lasso in its Season 2 finale on Apple TV+. But we also welcomed a new charming series to the streaming platform: Acapulco, a flashback to a young man’s experience working at a 1980’s Mexican resort.

    Keep scrolling for some of our favorite lines of the week!

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