Halloween Kills Scares Up Big Profits at Box Office

    With the cinema bouncing back from the pandemic, every little movie victory is a huge one. One person in particular or franchise I should say absolutely wants to kill it at the box office this October and that is Halloween! The masked evil boogeyman is back and not ready to die just yet but he certainly was ready to cut through the other movies that hit the big screen this weekend. Halloween Kills, the second installment in the final trilogy of Michael Myers, hit theaters and Peacock on Thursday, October 14th and brought in $4.9 million just on Thursday previews.

    This of course makes everyone over at Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions very happy and excited. Of course, this blood-soaked installment is leading towards the final confrontation in the long-running Halloween franchise, a series that is in its fifth decade.

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    Currently Halloween Kills is projected to generate $35 million to $40 million in its first three days of release. Which is a significant drop from the $77 million that its predecessor in 2018 brought in. However we live in different times and not everyone is back to seeing movies again the way they once did.

    Halloween Kills& also made its premiere on Peacock, the NBCUniversal-owned streaming service, on the same day as its theatrical release. So that clearly will affect the box office numbers in the long run. Other films have gone down this path for Warner Bros. movies like The Suicide Squad and Cry Macho which have debuted simultaneously on HBO Max and saw some of their numbers drop too. &

    The Halloween franchise has seen its share of ups and downs over the last forty years, from a movie standpoint and story. In total, the franchise will have 13 movies in it, with 12 of them focusing on Myers himself. However, when the 2018 Halloween &came out and made it clear that it was resetting the story and picking up after the original two films, it gave the franchise an opportunity to see a new ending and develop new characters in the story. It also gave us a chance to see what happened with Michael Myers while he was locked up and was he the same person he was or has he turned into something else?&

    Although we won’t see the conclusion of this story until next year, we will see a new side of Michael as well as the town. Because after 40 years of murder, they have had enough and are finally ready to fight back and make sure that the “Evil Dies Tonight!” However, in this new day and age of cinema and movie releases Michael Myers has proven that he is not going anywhere (well until the next and final movie Halloween Ends) and that he once again dominates the big and that he is the true villain and boogeyman of Halloween. &

    &Have you watched the latest installment yet? If not are you going to watch it on Peacock or go to the movie theater and enjoy it in all its bloody glory? You can check out the box office numbers at The Numbers.

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