Eternals Post-Credit Scene Leak Reveals Huge Pop Star Casting Spoiler

    When it comes to Marvel spoilers, there are usually warnings given so people have the chance to avoid various reveals, surprises and plot developments, but today saw a large number of publications confirming a long rumored bit of casting to come out of the Eternals premiere which was held on Monday. If you have not already seen where this is leading, and want to keep it that way until the movie releases in November, then you may want to stop reading now.

    According to information first tweeted by Variety’s Matt Donnolly, Harry Styles of boyband One Direction is joining the MCU in the latest epic blockbuster, and he is playing a character who will be familiar for his family ties even to those not associated with the Marvel comics. That character is Eros, the brother of a certain Mad Titan by the name of Thanos. While Marvel had omitted the two post credit scenes from the movie during press screenings earlier in the day, with the clear hope that it would avoid the information being revealed, the scenes were said to have been included for the World Premiere on the evening, which led to the leak earlier today.

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    The rumors that Harry Styles would be making his fourth acting appearance as part of Eternals began towards the end of 2020, but as with most of Marvel’s upcoming movies, there was about as much chance of getting blood from a stone as getting any information about how true this was. In the build up to the release of the movie, the film’s producers and stars have begun teasing the two post credit scenes that “have equal importance” to the future of the MCU. As we have come to expect, the post-credit scenes are expected to set up at least one of the coming events in future movies, and with the likes of Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness both heavily featuring the newly expanded Marvel multiverse, fans had already been speculating whether either of these movies would be featured in the final moments of Eternals.

    What is unclear is exactly where this role will lead for Styles and indeed the character of Eros. With the multiverse set to play a major factor in the MCU for some time to come, there has always been a question of whether Josh Brolin could be seen on screen as Thanos again – discounting that he reprised the role for Marvel’s What If…? on Disney+ – and if Eros is featured in the post credit scene as reported, then there is every chance that his brother, or a version of him, could also appear again.

    Of course, we know about a number of the big Marvel movies coming down the line, and although there are a lot of blank spaces and unknowns, it is hard to see where Eros would fit into any of these, or indeed why it has been kept such a secret. Many upcoming villain castings are paraded by Marvel well ahead of the movie they feature in, so what makes Harry Styles’ casting so special? Of course, we have seen quite a bit of secrecy around just who will and won’t be appearing in Spider-Man: No Way Home, but there is a good reason for that with most of the villains being well know.

    If the casting turns out to be true, and there is currently no reason to doubt it, there are still no specific details of either post credit scene known, which means that in the grand scheme of things, that at least gives something of a surprise to look forward to…for now.

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