Ghostface Calls Drew Barrymore in Scream TikTok Video

    Yesterday social media app TikTok unveiled a new voice for their text-to-voice feature that sees the voice of Scream villain Ghostface narrate the text that users put on screen in their videos, and actively encouraged people to “create their own scary movies” in celebration of the new Scream movie trailer. Of course there are a growing number of celebrities on the app and one of those is none other than the woman who became the first victim of the masked killer back in 1996, Drew Barrymore, who created her own video on the set of The Drew Barrymore Show, as she received a call from that familiar voice.

    In Wes Craven’s original movie, Drew Barrymore’s Casey Becker set up the tone of the movie as the director set out to turn the slasher movie tropes on their head, and rather than having his opening scene female go on to be the “final girl” of the film, he has her killed off before the opening sequence is through. However, the short appearance in the movie was a huge boost to Barrymore’s career and the scene itself has become one of the most iconic in horror cinema. It seems she is quite happy with her association with the film too, as she wasted no time in making her latest TikTok a brilliant parody of the movie’s opening and also used it to welcome franchise veteran David Arquette to TikTok…by sending Ghostface in his direction.

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    In her video, Drew Barrymore takes a call from Ghostface, which she plays along with in the same vein of back and forth conversation as the movie. While the movie cranks up the scares, this time around things are a little more playful and after the “killer” reveals that they have been checking TV listings to find her show they warn they are planning on haunting her TikToks. He ends by asking if Barrymore knows whether David Arquette has a TikTok account, which she says he does. Arquette has only joined the app in the last couple of days, and it looks like he already heading for a warm welcome from an old friend.


    Barrymore saw a boom in her movie career following her appearance in Scream facing off against Ghostface, gaining roles in movies such as Charlie’s Angels, Donnie Darko, 50 First Dates, Music and Lyrics and Going The Distance. Following 2015’s Miss You Already, which she starred in alongside Toni Collette, Barrymore moved into television, appearing in three seasons of the Netflix horror comedy series Santa Clarita Diet and then from 2020 The Drew Barrymore Show for CBS. In 2020, she returned to movies with The Stand In, playing the dual role of actress Candy Black and her stand in Paula, which gained a theatrical release last December, and is currently streaming on Netflix.

    While her run in the Scream franchise was the shortest in the entire series, she clearly is happy to revisit it now and again. For the rest of the main cast, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette, who managed to avoid the knife in four scream movies, all return for more in the legacy sequel, which reverts back to the simple title of Scream, and arrives in theaters on January 14th, 2022. You can check out the recently released trailer below.

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