Uncharted Trailer Rumored to Drop Tomorrow

    Tom Holland fans are set to get their first real look at the Spider-Man star in the role of Nathan Drake as Sony are reportedly releasing the first trailer for the long delayed Uncharted movie on Thursday. The news from regular inside informer Daniel Richtman has not been confirmed or denied by Sony, but as we have seen with the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer, when they decide to drop trailers there is usually no fanfare beforehand. With the movie currently slated to arrive on February 18th, getting the first trailer now would fit with the usual timescale that Sony have been favoring with their big released.

    Uncharted is an action movie based on the popular Playstation title and has been in development for over 10 years. There have been a number of delays with the project, even prior to the Covid pandemic, which has seen actors and directors come and go as the production dragged on and those attached moved on to other projects. The film stars Tom Holland in the lead role of Nathan Drake, while Mark Wahlberg plays Drake’s mentor Victor Sullivan, although at one point early in development Wahlberg was on board to play the part of Drake – yes the project has been going on long enough for the lead to become the mentor.

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    There has been very little to come out of the production of the movie other than a couple of publicity stills and very short teaser which was released in May, so the arrival of the full trailer is the first chance fans will have to see Holland in action as a character who could potentially lead him into another big franchise, although with Sony already planning to have Holland in their newly named Sony Picture Universe of Marvel Characters, whether he would want to jump into another franchise for them is another matter.

    The main issue the movie has faced over the years has seemingly been working out exactly what story they wanted to tell. Most video game adaptations do exactly that and adapt the storyline or main plot points of the games they are based on, which is how Uncharted began its journey back in 2008 with David O. Russell writing and directing. By 2011, Russell had moved on to direct Silver Linings Playbook and over the next few years the project saw a number of writers and directors including Neil Burger, Marianne and Cormac Wibberley, Seth Gordon and David Guggenheim come and go and even as late as 2019 the role of director changed hands three times before settling on Ruben Fleischer who officially took over early 2020. During that time, the movie also moved on from being a direct movie version of the game to instead being a prequel, with Holland playing a younger version of Drake than seen in the game series.

    Uncharted completed filming in October 2020, so a year on those who have stuck with the movie are now eager to finally see what Sony have done with the franchise, with many hoping that after all this time the film doesn’t turn out to be another big budget wasted opportunity. The film releases in theaters on February 18th, 2022 and will then head to streaming, most likely on Netflix as part of their Sony deal.

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