‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Returns for a Wild Season 5 in a Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

    The Dakota boys return to the richest ground of their lives as Gold Rush: White Water gears up for Season 5 in Alaska’s remote Chilkat Mountains.

    Set to return Friday, November 5 on Discovery and discovery+, Gold Rush: White Water‘s latest chapter makes way for an unexpected announcement, fresh blood, new gambles, and dangerous snowfalls. As conditions threaten to derail the team’s season, their journey will become a battle between miners and mother nature as teased in the exclusive sneak peek above.

    Dustin Hurt Gold Rush White Water Season 5 Discovery

    (Credit: Discovery)

    The season begins with plenty of challenges for veteran gold miner Dustin Hurt who returns to Alaska only to discover his McKinley Creek mine site buried under the heaviest snowfall in over a decade. The situation creates impassable roads and raging white water caused by snowmelt, but they’ll risk it all to try and uncover life-changing piles of gold.

    The team is rocked by the shocking revelation though, that Dustin’s father Fred Hurt will forgo running a white water operation of his own and embark on his next mining opportunity. Instead of seeing this as an impediment though, Dustin sees this as an opportunity to buy up Fred’s mining equipment and run two crews simultaneously. The gamble requires double the investment and manpower but could be the most rewarding venture yet as the team boosts its chances of uncovering millions in gold.

    Double the crew and possible payday also mean double the danger though as four new crew members join Dustin, making him responsible for eight lives. It’s all up to fate as Gold Rush: White Water Season 5 arrives on Discovery. Don’t miss out, catch the sneak peek, above, and tune in on November 5 for a look at the action.

    Gold Rush: White Water, Season 5 Premiere, Friday, November 5, 9/8c, Discovery and discovery+

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