15 Stars Who Played Themselves on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ (VIDEO)

    Playing a fictionalized version of oneself on Curb Your Enthusiasm must be a prett-ay, prett-ay, prett-ay good gig: Dozens of celebs have done so on Larry David’s HBO comedy so far.

    And the trailer for Season 11 (premiering Sunday, October 24) reveals more cameos are on the way. Jon Hamm is returning to the show, for example, with humiliating news about a movie role inspired by Larry. “They loved the performance; they hated the character,” the actor says. “The word that kept reappearing was ‘repugnant.’”

    Now scroll down to see more of Hamm hamming it up—and to scope out other A-listers who have appeared as themselves on Curb.

    Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen

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    Danson, of The Good Place and Cheers fame, has appeared in more than two dozen Curb episodes, with more on the way. In this Season 9 clip, he asks for Larry’s permission to date Larry’s ex-wife, Cheryl (Cheryl Hines), and Larry tries to turn the table by asking out Steenburgen, the Happiest Season actress married to Danson in real life.

    Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor

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    Speaking of real-life couples, these married Zoolander stars appeared together on Curb in three episodes so far. In this Season 4 scene, they agree to give Larry a lift, not realizing how pesky he is as a passenger.

    Jon Hamm

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    In Season 10, Larry found a doppelgänger in this Mad Men alum, especially when they teamed up to chastise Larry’s friend Richard Lewis about exceeding the “appetizer allotment.”

    Wanda Sykes

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    Larry has a habit of offending this star of The Upshaws, who has guested in nine Curb episodes to date. In these clips, for example, Wanda catches Larry in one “race thing” after another.

    Shaquille O’Neal

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    In the aptly-titled Season 2 episode “Shaq,” Larry trips this Los Angeles Lakers great on the court, sending him to the hospital. (And yes, that’s Aisha Tyler as Shaq’s onscreen girlfriend.)

    Mila Kunis

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    This ’70s Show alum is one of the celebs who followed Larry’s lead and opened a “spite store” in Season 10, taking over the business of a jeweler who refused to give her a refund.

    Michael J. Fox

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    In Season 8, Larry got into a snit with this star of Spin City and Family Ties. At one point, he accused Fox of shaking up a soda bottle on purpose before giving it to him. But Michael had an explanation: “Parkinson’s!”

    Elizabeth Banks

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    This Hunger Games actress tried to help Larry out of a vandalism bust, but her theatrics and preposterous storytelling only made the situation worse. (And yes, that’s Damon Wayans Jr. as the cop.)

    Rosie O’Donnell

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    The talk-show alum and L Word: Generation Q actress competed with Larry for the attention of a bisexual woman in a Season 8 installment, one of three episodes in which she has guest-starred.

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, Michael Richards, and Jerry Seinfeld

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    Curb’s seventh season got David’s Seinfeld gang back together—and even the Seinfeld sets back together—as the classic NBC sitcom’s biggest stars staged a fictional reunion in a multi-episode arc.

    Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season 11 Premiere, Sunday, October 24, 10:40/9:40c, HBO

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