DMZ: What Can Fans Expect from Ava DuVernay’s New DC Comics Series on HBO Max?

    With an influx of surprises, reveals and debuted footage at DC FanDome, fans received a first-look at Ava DuVernay and Robert Patino’s upcoming HBO Max series, DMZ, starring Rosario Dawson and Benjamin Bratt. The four-part limited series will debut exclusively on HBO Max and is said to feature a future in which America faces a Civil War. Ava DuVernay teased the unpredictability of the show and the mention of “an outsider who comes in and turns everything upside down.” Expounding on that character, played by Dawson, Patino said “Alma was inspired by the most fascinating character in the comics and underseved, a medic named Zee.”

    After set photos showing Rosario Dawson as Zee were revealed, Patino highlighted the process in which Zee was developed, “I took the creative guard rails off and reinvented her.” The series promises to be exciting, new and unique, with Bejamin Bratt also playing Parco Delgado, a powerful and deadly gang leader. Driven by his thirst to rule all of DMZ, his ruthlessness will be a major factor in his quest to secure his wish. The series will also show him as a magnetic and influential man. The series is produced by Array Filmworks in association with WBTV.

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    DMZ is written and executive produced by showrunner Patino and is directed and executive produced by DuVernay. With such a large number of reveals and content revealed at DC FanDome, this reveal slipped under the radar of many yet proves to be exciting and new and anxiously awaited by fans of DuVernay, Patino and Dawson alike. DuVernay herself gave fans a glimpse of what to expect and what the origin was behind the idea, “it’s set a few moments in the future on what would be if the worst of our divisions get to us.”

    Ava DuVernay herself an influential name in history when she became the first Black woman to be nominated in the Best Director category at the Oscars for her 2014 movie Selma, and she recently helmed the Netflix series When They See Us.&While there is no official release date yet, the series is expected to debut sometime next year, in 2022. All four episodes were written by Patino, who has an impressive resume, having written for shows like &The Wire,&and, &The Walking Dead.& The show is based on a series of DC comics of the same name, where, in the midst of a civil war in the near future, Dawson’s character attempts to reunite with her lost son.

    Also starring in the show are Freddy Miyares, Hoon Lee, and Jade Wu. The drama will explore the themes of disunity, cultural divide and political divide in the American culture, where Alma will have to face gangs and warlords and inevitably, Benjamin Bratt’s Parco Delgado. In addition, Ernest Dickerson known for projects like Juice&and Bosch will direct & executive produce three episodes, with Carly Wray famous for Watchmen& and Westworld& will be a valuable asset to the writing team and also serve as a co-executive producer.

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