Kristen Stewart’s Directorial Debut The Chronology of Water Begins Casting

    Actor Kristen Stewart is making her debut as director for the film The Chronology of Water, based on the memoir of the same name by Lidia Yuknavitch. Stewart has also penned the screenplay. The project has taken a while to get off the ground, but casting has now begun.

    “We’re casting right now,” Kristen Stewart says. “We’ve been putting together and have been thinking about this for a really long time. I’m so stoked. It’s taken the time it’s needed. Some of these take a decade to put together. I just jump every gun in my life and start talking about stuff before they’re really relevant, but it’s more relevant than ever. Now we’re casting the movie. We’re finding our Lidia Yuknavitch.”

    Shopping the project is underway. I can’t imagine a studio out there wouldn’t snap it up. “We don’t need that much. It’s a really small movie. It’s something I would have wanted to be cast in when I was younger.”

    Amazon describes the memoir, saying “This is not your mother’s memoir. In The Chronology of Water, Lidia Yuknavitch expertly moves the reader through issues of gender, sexuality, violence, and the family from the point of view of a lifelong swimmer turned artist. In writing that explores the nature of memoir itself, her story traces the effect of extreme grief on a young woman’s developing sexuality that some define as untraditional because of her attraction to both men and women. Her emergence as a writer evolves at the same time and takes the narrator on a journey of addiction, self-destruction, and ultimately survival that finally comes in the shape of love and motherhood.”

    Asked if she would be wearing the actor hat for the film, she explains, “No. There’s actually no part for me. I guess depending on who plays Lydia, I could maybe play her older sister but probably not. I keep trying to figure out a way to get in there but I don’t think so.”

    She credits her aspiration for directing to Sean Penn, working with and watching him direct Into the Wild. She told Vanity Fair in 2019, “We didn’t know what we were gonna do until we found it,” she said. “Sean is like a master at that. Those few days with Emil [Hirsch] and [Sean Penn] and [DP] Eric [Gautier] made me want to direct movies. Straight up. Seeing him in the way he sort of led this charge that was unbridled. I was like, ‘yep, absolutely. I would love to do that.'”

    The Oscar buzz surrounding her performance as Princess Diana in Spencer coupled with her spectacular career spanning two decades, I think it’s a safe bet to say the line will be winding around the corner to work with the multi-talented filmmaker, I’m excited to see the passion for her life and her acting be reflected in her storytelling from behind the lens. This news originated at Variety

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