Josh Brolin Is ‘Deeply Grateful’ to Be Celebrating Eight Years of Sobriety

    Josh Brolin has been open about his struggles in the past, entering rehab in 2013, that same year splitting with his now ex-wife Diane Lane, and making the decision to live better for himself and his family. He’s shared his triumphs along the way. The Dune actor has been an inspiration to his fans who have followed his journey.

    Josh Brolin took to Instagram this morning to celebrate the milestone, captioning the pic with, “Sobriety is finally loving without every thought being about how it affects only you. Sobriety is a moment of being able to love and be consumed by the glee it brings someone else. Sobriety is knowing the difference between selfishness and integrity. Sobriety is knowing that God is in everything and that it is made up of every color (and mixture of color) that exists. Sobriety is knowing the moon late at night when she was there for you in your toughest hour and, now, again, her witnessing your greatest joys. Sobriety is climbing in your truck for a 6am call after 8 years of sobriety and there being a card from your wife telling you how grateful she is for having made the decision to put it down and to live instead accompanied by a collage board of your children – what was created because of that decision. And sobriety is when your children look at you and trust what they see (you can see it in their pupils, and the way they stand before you) – that they know they are not being cultivated into some idea but celebrated for the original garden they are growing into. Sobriety is about living better than your remembrance of what your greatest drunk ever was – an everyday malleability into gratitude for what is. None of this is deserved. All of it is perception. Thank you God, family, and friends for the most punk rock sobriety imaginable. #deeplygrateful#westsidesobriety”

    Stars and fans alike cheered him on! Justin Timberlake gave the shout out, “Punk Rock Sober!! Love it.” His wife Kathryn Boyd Brolin, with heart emojis, declared, “Everything stems from there.”

    Fans also took inspiration from the actor, saying, “I am 87 days sober today and I feel like a completely different person already. I can’t wait to see who I become in 8 years. Congrats, Josh! Well done. [heart emoji]” Another fan shared what Brolin means to their sobriety, saying, “So inspirational! You responded to my comment this summer about sobriety and it boosted the start of my journey!!! I appreciate you! ????” And again, “Great job and thank you for sharing, is inspiration for us that have not gotten there but want it.”

    The Oscar-nominated actor won our hearts in his very first film endeavor as Brand in The Goonies. He would go on to excel on both TV and in film, jumping genres creating a rich resume of work. In the last eight years he’s starred in Gangster Squad, Labor Day, Oldboy, Guardians of the Galaxy, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Inherent Vice, Sicario, Hail, Caesar!, the list goes on. He’s currently enjoying the success of his latest feature Dune, in theaters now.

    When Brolin had five years under his belt in 2019, he shared a snapshot of him celebrating pre-rehab, being under the influence, and explained what being drunk actually felt like for him, saying, “Drunk: when you think you’re having a rip roaring time and the next morning you wake up and your brain has broken into a frenzied beehive and your body is shattered shards of sharp glass desperately searching for what fits where and your spirit is being eaten by worms with great white bloodied teeth and your heart has shriveled into a black prune churning your intestines to the point where dysentery feels attractive and you can’t remember anything you did so you roll out of bed over last night’s urine and you dial your best friend’s phone number because you recall him lifting you over his head, your whole self, before you hit and broke through the drywall and, you think, a large aquarium and the phone on the other end rings and he picks it up, that clambering for a phone, the clumsiness of a hardline, and you say: “What did I do last night?!” and he answers, after a great pause: “…Dude…”.#5years”

    Here’s to another 8 more years, Mr. Brolin! Congratulations!

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