Thor: Love and Thunder Reshoot Images Tease a Dark World Flashback Scene

    Back in June, Thor: Love and Thunder wrapped filming with Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi posting a number of photos at the time to celebrate. With the fourth movie in Thor’s solo roster of Marvel adventures being one of the upcoming slate to have its release date shuffled back a few months, it seems that the cast are back filming on some additional scenes, which have suggested a flashback to the time of Thor: The Dark World. New set images have revealed Hemsworth as Thor and Natalie Portman as Jane seemingly wearing wigs and clothing that is similar to those seen in deleted scenes from the second Thor movie, making it look as though one of the least loved movies of the MCU is once again bring brought back into play.

    Thor: Love and Thunder was originally scheduled to hit cinemas on 6th May, 2022, but along with most of the upcoming Marvel movies on the Disney slate, the film was given a delay to allow filming on the numerous interconnected movies to be completely without any of them being rushed in post-production. With the film now not arriving until July 8th, the pressure of these new shoots doesn’t seem as urgent but for fans it just means a longer wait to find out whether these new scenes will help explain Jane’s absence from Thor: Ragnarok more that has been shown so far.

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    Thor: The Dark World often finds itself the butt of the joke in numerous memes and many fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will openly cite it as their least favorite movie of the Infinity Saga, but the events of Avengers: Endgame made the movie into one of the more important films of the franchise and made a lot of fans pay The Dark World another visit with a little bit more forgiveness. Revisiting the movie again to potentially fill in the gaps of Jane’s story could serve to earn the black sheep of the franchise another reexamining.

    While Thor and Jane parted ways after Thor: The Dark World, the new shoot has reportedly seen the pair arguing in the recorded scenes and seemingly filming the break-up that has been only briefly mentioned previously on screen. Whether any of this has any relevance to the main story of Thor: Love and Thunder, which is still mostly under wraps, is something that we will have to wait to see, but there have been a few hints about what we can expect from the God of Thunder’s next outing.

    Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi has already made it clear that he is looking to continue feel of that movie in his follow up, which will see Jane Foster becoming The Mighty Thor and working alongside Chris Hemsworth as the hero against Christian Bale’s villainous Gorr the God Butcher. Thor: Love and Thunder will also see the return of Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, who was last seen being handed the title of ruler of the Asgardians by Thor, as well as Guardians of the Galaxy regulars Peter “Star Lord” Quill, Manta, Drax and Nebula, although what part they will play in proceedings is just one of the many unknowns at this time.

    Thor: Love and Thunder will now arrive in movie theaters in the middle of Marvel’s Phase Four on July 8th, 2022.

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