15 Best HBO TV Shows of All Time, Ranked

    It’s not TV, it’s HBO. We are undoubtedly living in the Golden Age of television. That would make HBO the crown jewel of all the networks. For decades, HBO has given us countless series that have put their marks on history. Tony Soprano reinvented the Mafia story, while Larry David showed us how to make a hit improvisational comedy series. HBO has not lost its edge in any way. It’s still pumping out classics every year. Among its collection are shows that are so good, they live in our hearts forever.

    What HBO has that so many other networks don’t is the ability to produce R-rated content with minimal limitations. If you haven’t already created your HBO Max account, make it your top priority. But before you do, here are the 15 best HBO series of all time, ranked.


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    Euphoria image

    The vibrant and beautifully choreographed &Euphoria is scheduled to release its second season soon. &Zendaya shines as the drug-addicted Rue, alongside an ensemble cast of talented young actors. The show brilliantly showcases the turmoils of modern-day high school drama.


    Entourage image

    Entourage is not for everyone and has been recently criticized for its content. &With that said, no one can deny that the story of successful actor Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) bringing his best friends along for the ride is pure fun and entertainment.


    Barry image

    Bill Hader has reinvented his career as the deadly assassin who decides to pursue acting. Barry is equal parts hilarious and exciting. Henry Winkler shines as his acting teacher, Gene, alongside the frustratingly narcissistic but lovable romantic interest, Sally (Sarah Goldberg).

    12&True Blood&

    True Blood image

    We all remember the time when vampires were all the rage. In 2008, Alan Ball gave us True Blood. The series is a gory, funny, and brilliant take on the vampire story, incorporating themes of civil rights. Anna Paquin, and the rest of the cast, rule in this bloodthirsty series.

    11The Night Of

    The Night Of image

    This limited series was a riveting crime drama about a college student, Naz (Riz Ahmed), accused of brutally murdering a young woman in New York City. The Night Of meticulously shows you the ins and outs of our legal system and the realities of the toll that incarceration has on an individual.


    Girls image

    Lena Dunham’s masterpiece defined a generation of young adults. It follows a group of twenty-something girls navigating love, friendship, and adulthood in New York City. Girls& was a refreshingly honest and hilarious take on what it means to be a young woman in the real world.


    Chernobyl image

    Chernobyl& depicts the tragic events of the 1986 nuclear disaster. The story can be hard to watch at some points. From beginning to end, it stays true to the brutal disaster and brings to light the corrupt Soviet Union who tried to keep it hidden.

    8Curb Your Enthusiasm

    Curb Your Enthusiasm image

    Larry David is a tour de force playing a fictionalized version of himself in his everyday life. Curb Your Enthusiasm is almost completely improvised. The actors have points in the script they must get to, but how they get there is up to them. David continues to prove that he is a master of comedy with this beloved series.


    Successsion image

    Possibly the most popular series currently on HBO, Succession is the story of the Roy family, owners of a media conglomerate, and the brash realities of business. The cast, including Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, and Kieran Culkin, shines in this riveting drama of wealth, betrayal, and family.


    Veep image

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus was born to play Vice President Selina Meyer in this hilarious political satire, Veep. Meyer, alongside her staff of goons and screwballs, gives you a look into the realities of modern-day politics. Louis-Dreyfus has rightfully earned a record-breaking six Primetime Emmy Awards for her role.

    5Game Of Thrones

    Game Of Thrones image

    The epic adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s novels will go down as one of the most popular shows in television history. The ensemble cast and intertwining stories give us an epic tale of fantasy beloved by millions. Several critics have named Game of Thrones the best television series of all time.

    4Band Of Brothers

    Band Of Brothers image

    This miniseries based on the true account of “Easy Company”, a parachute infantry regiment in WWII, pays epic tribute to these national heroes. Produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, Band of Brothers was praised by critics and audiences alike for its honest portrayal of war and brotherhood.

    3Six Feet Under

    Six Feet Under image

    Alan Ball’s series Six Feet Under tells the story of the Fishers, a family who owns a funeral home in Los Angeles. The series focuses on death, life, family, and love. Each member of the ensemble cast brings something special to the table. By the end of the series, you will undoubtedly feel like a part of the dysfunctional Fisher family.

    2The Wire

    The Wire image

    This crime drama is also considered by many to be the greatest TV series of all time. Set in Baltimore, Maryland, The Wire dives deep into the gritty world of crime, drugs, and the bureaucracy of law enforcement. &The ensemble cast, including real Baltimore residents in guest and recurring roles, is top-notch from beginning to end.

    1&The Sopranos&

    The Sopranos image

    Many of the shows we love today would not exist if it wasn’t for The Sopranos&. James Gandolfini, gives one of the greatest performances of all time, as Tony Soprano, a mob boss trying to balance his business and family while attending therapy. David Chase took many risks when creating The Sopranos, and they all paid off. There is so much to love in this show, including a good balance of drama and comedy, fantastic supporting characters, and not to mention…the food.

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