Eternals Star Kit Harington Teases Possible Marvel Reunion with Game of Thrones Co-Star Emilia Clarke

    With everyone and anyone turning up at some point in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is always likely that some actors who have previously worked together will find themselves starring along side each other again once they do answer the Marvel call. When it was announced that Emilia Clarke would be joining Marvel’s Secret Invasion Disney+ series, Game of Thrones fans immediately called for a reunion between the actress and her former on screen lover Kit Harington, who played Jon Snow in the George R R Martin series and plays one of the few human characters to appear in Eternals, which is now playing in cinemas.

    While there is currently not much known about the Secret Invasion series, down to the point we don’t even know yet who Emilia Clarke will be playing or what her role will be, there seems to be a lot of distance between that and Eternals to believe that they will cross paths in the immediate future, but if Clarke hangs around for a while in the franchise, then with all of these characters inhabiting the same universe at some point in time, who is to say that fans won’t get the reunion they have been asking for.

    Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Kit Harington asked if they had prepared to work with together again now they are both part of the MCU, to which he replied, “No, we haven’t. That would slightly blow my mind, I think, because me and Emilia had a lot together. So if we ended up crossing paths in a different franchise, I think we’d have a good old giggle about that.”

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    Harington has already managed to reteam with one of his Game of Thrones co-stars in Eternals in the form of Richard Madden, who played Jon Snow’s half-brother Rob Stark. However, while many fans of long running shows are under the impression that this kind of reunion will bring some big moments of joy, in reality, their first meeting on the set of Eternals was nothing short of boring.

    “We really didn’t have a lot of time on set together on Game of Thrones,” he explained. “So it’s strange. Our closeness is not built in front of camera; it’s built behind camera. We’ve been very good friends for a long time, so it was nice to spend bit of time — albeit limited time — with a friend on set.” Harington added, “For fans of Game of Thrones or fans of that universe, to see two major roles from that world in another one feels like a bigger thing than it does to me and Richard.”

    Well that kind of puts a dampener on the whole thing, doesn’t it. So while there may be a burning desire for fans to see two of their favorite Game of Thrones characters get back together on screen in the Marvel Universe, if the reunion does happen sometime in the future, it is likely to mean a lot more to them than to Harington or Clarke.

    Eternals is out now in theaters, while Secret Invasion is currently filming and expected to land on Disney+ sometime late next year. This story originated at The Hollywood Reporter.

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