‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Wows Fans With Her Style and Handwriting

    You might not expect a Jeopardy! contestant to be a style icon, but Cindy Zhang was dressed to impress on the Thursday, November 4 episode, and viewers certainly took notice.

    The user experience designer from New York captured attention with her blonde bangs, black sheer-sleeved blouse, and cat-eyed glasses. One fan tweeted that Zhang “has the best fit I’ve seen on #Jeopardy, maybe ever?” and hoped that she’d win the episode “to see the other outfits she brought with her.”

    Another viewer referred to Zhang as a “fashion icon,” while one fan said that she is “the best dressed Jeopardy contestant I’ve seen in a long time.”

    The praise for Zhang didn’t stop there, as viewers were equally as impressed with her super neat handwriting, which looked to be typed with serifs. “Cindy on today’s #Jeopardy had incredible handwriting for her name. She wrote it with serifs!” tweeted one fan.

    “Cindy may have the best lectern name penmanship in #Jeopardy history,” wrote another impressed viewer.

    Zhang herself responded to the compliments about her handwriting with a cheeky sans serif style tweet.

    Unfortunately, despite the fan support, Zhang didn’t wager enough in the Final Jeopardy! to beat contestant Sri Kompella. That said, she walks away with a bunch of new admirers who appreciate her style, her penmanship, and her love of Japanese Kit Kats.

    “They have so many different regional varieties, and you can only get them in specific regions in train stations,” Zhang said of her Japanese Kit Kat obsession. “So they range anywhere from, like, you know, green tea, like matcha, to soybeans, Cheetos.”

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