Jumanji 4 Might Be Coming Sooner Than Expected

    Is Jumanji 4 coming sooner than we thought? When it was announced that Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart would be starring in a sequel/reboot of the much loved Robin Williams movie Jumanji, the idea was immediately dismissed by many who couldn’t abide the thought of a sequel that didn’t feature Williams. However, when the movie arrived and stormed the box office without desecrating the sacred ground it was laid on, there was obviously a sequel going to follow. Jumanji: The Next Level duly arrived and once again provided a fun ride for both fans of the original movie and newcomers to the franchise, and now producer Hiram Garcia has revealed that the next movie could well be arriving in the not too distant future.

    Speaking to, Garcia said, “We have a really fun pitch. We’re actually getting ready to take it to Sony to let them hear what we’ve been cooking up. We’ve got a big vision for [the next Jumanji] movie, so we’re fired up for that. We’re taking it in soon. And obviously the goal is sometime after… Jake [Kasdan] is doing Red One for us, so that is going to be next up. But sometime after Red One comes out, Jumanji is going to be on deck. I feel like we’ll have everything ready by then and we’ll be able to get into that third installment.”

    Garcia has had quite a successful collaborative run with Dwayne Johnson in the last few years, having worked with the former wrestling star on both Jumanji sequels, the Netflix movie Red Notice and the recently announced Red One, as well as the upcoming Black Adam. With Johnson clearly lining up his new movies in succession, it seems that once the Amazon Prime-bound Red One is in the can, it is straight onto the next Jumanji movie, which has already added Danny DeVito and Donald Glover to the returning cast of Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan and Jack Black.

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    “It’s going to be good, man,” Garcia said. “It’s really, it’s fun and it’s smart. It’s a really smart take. And Jake has been spearheading that, and he’s brilliant.”

    Garcia himself has a pretty busy schedule lined up too, with his Seven Bucks team bringing Red Notice to Netflix next week, Black Adam coming to theaters in July and the animated League of Super Pets heading to HBO Max next year, then there is also Doc Savage, the Big Trouble in Little China remake and Kate Warne, which stars Johnson’s Jungle Cruise sparring partner, Emily Blunt.

    The original Jumanji was released in 1995, making over $262 million from its $65 million budget mostly thanks to the screen persona of its star Robin Williams, making it the 10th highest-grossing film of the year. It was over twenty years before anyone dared to attempt a sequel, and when it arrived Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle didn’t disappoint with a $962 million worldwide box office and a generally positive response from audiences, leading to The Next Level in 2019, which managed to deliver very similar numbers both in terms of takings and reviews. Whether they can push the boat out more time with another good return is something we can only wait to see, but it looks like that wait will not be that long after all. This story comes to us from

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