The Mandalorian Actor Giancarlo Esposito Names Gina Carano as His Favorite Co-Star

    The absence of Gina Carano in season 3 of The Mandalorian is felt by one major cast member who enjoyed working with her on the Star Wars show more than anyone. Earlier this year, Carano was shown the door by the Lucasfilm team after posting a series of controversial posts on social media. Giancarlo Esposito, who plays the villainous Moff Gideon, now names Carano as his favorite co-star from The Mandalorian.

    Recently, Esposito was fielding questions from Star Wars fans at Fan Expo Denver. He was asked directly who his favorite person was to work with on the show, and without needing much time to think, Esposito was quick to name Gina Carano. Not getting into the circumstances of Carano’s firing, the actor explains what it was about her that made working with her on The Mandalorian such a fun experience, even if they may not agree on politics.

    “Okay, I’ll say it without hesitation: Gina Carano. I’m not gonna weigh in on any of that [controversy] in particular other than, any of her political beliefs or what she said, whether I think it’s inappropriate or appropriate or not. We as actors probably sometimes – I know for me – I should just shut my mouth. But sometimes I can’t. I’ve got to say what I believe because it has to go on record. I loved working with her. She’s warm and beautiful and wonderful, and you know, I don’t care what her politics are. I love the fact that she came to acting late and that she was so raw and original and beautiful, and I just think she’s a lovely person. So I shout her out and I say she’s one of my favorites.”

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    Carano might make an easy pick for No. 1 with Esposito, but the actor does have a runner-up in mind as well. He names Lateef Crowder, a stunt double working with the Star Wars show, as another person he adores. Esposito says Crowder was the one in the suit for the big fight scene with Moff Gideon and points out how he won the Emmy for Outstanding Stunt Performance for his work on the show.

    The good news for Gina Carano is that it didn’t take long for her to line up work after her exit from The Mandalorian. She has partnered up with Ben Shapiro to develop new movies for members of The Daily Wire. Currently, Carano is shooting the Western movie Terror on the Prairie which she also produces with Dallas Sonnier and Amanda Presmyk. She will also produce and star in the thriller White Knuckle.

    Giancarlo Esposito, meanwhile, will return in season 3 of The Mandalorian. The actor has teased his arrival prior to the filming of the third season, confirming that the villain will return in the new episodes. The production will have to make do without Pedro Pascal on set for now either, as he’s been busy filming The Last of Us for HBO, and will likely be submitting a lot of voiceover work with doubles wearing the Mandalorian suit. Footage of Esposito at Fan Expo Denver was posted by Joe Turner on YouTube.

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