Ingo Rademacher Officially Out at ‘General Hospital’ Amid Backlash Over Transphobic Post

    UPDATE (11/8/2021 at 4:45 p.m. ET):

    After questions regarding Ingo Rademacher‘s employment status with General Hospital came into question following backlash for sharing anti-vax and transphobic sentiments online, the record is being set straight.

    The actor has departed the series following vaccine mandates and his last episode with the soap is currently slated to air on Monday, November 22. A part of the series since 1996, Rademacher has been an on-and-off regular for 25 years.

    UPDATE (11/8/2021 at 2:00 p.m. ET):

    General Hospital‘s Ingo Rademacher is responding to costar Cassandra James and others following backlash over his recent transphobic social media post.

    In a video message posted to Rademacher’s Instagram, the soap star apologizes for not editing a particular image in which the U.S. assistant secretary for health, Rachel Levine, is called a “dude.” Levine is the first transgender four-star officer, and his posting struck a particular note with James who is also trans.

    “I do apologize for not crossing out ‘dude’ and putting ‘transgender,’” the actor says in the clip. “I wouldn’t have written it that way. That was somebody else’s post. Again, that’s not an excuse, I should have just crossed it out.

    “I wouldn’t refer to a transgender person as a ‘dude. If they want to be called a ‘she,’ that’s totally fine,” the actor continues, before addressing James, who also identifies as transgender, saying, “Cassandra, I apologize to you as well. Sincerely, I think you’re an absolute talent and you’re very beautiful as well… I don’t think a transphobic man would say that. ”

    Before concluding his message, Rademacher comments on his current status with General Hospital, noting, “I will get back in touch with everybody and fill you guys in on what’s happening when I can…”

    Stay tuned for more updates as this story unfolds.

    ORIGINAL STORY (11/8/2021 at 12:25 p.m. ET):

    General Hospital‘s Ingo Rademacher is coming under fire by his castmates for his social media posts after making transphobic and anti-vax comments.

    The actor, who is known for playing Jasper “Jax” Jacks on the ABC soap, made his debut on the show in 1996 and has appeared on-and-off throughout the years. But according to one of his costars, Rademacher is apparently no longer part of the ensemble.

    Ingo Rademacher General Hospital

    (Credit: Walt Disney Television/Todd Wawrychuk)

    After Rademacher reportedly reposted a tweet on his Instagram account referring to the U.S. assistant secretary for health, Rachel Levine, a “dude.” Levine is the first transgender four-star officer. General Hospital‘s Cassandra James, who is trans, and Nancy Lee Grahn were quick to comment on Rademacher’s implications.

    I am aware of a transphobic post shared by a fellow General Hospital actor,” James tweeted in response. “Shame on you. You have some serious unlearning and education to do. I feel deeply disappointed that such a public display of ignorance could come from our GH family.

    Misgendering trans folks is violence and if you come for one of us, you come for all of us,” James continued. “The cis world doesn’t get to decide which of us is valuable. I am so proud of the fans for always holding us to a high standard, for calling out transphobia and violence.”

    Grahn showed support for James by quote tweeting her remarks with the caption, “The fellow actor, #IngoRademacher, is mercifully no longer a part of the #gh cast. Transphobia & misgendering are disgusting & should be unacceptable in any industry, including soaps/acting. I stand with my costar, @cassandrajames_, & the trans community.”

    While there’s no official word regarding Rademacher’s alleged departure from the series, or whether the decision was made before his controversial social media posts, his most recent episode aired on October 27.

    The actor hasn’t directly commented on the matter, but further asserted his views on mask mandates, posting, “I will stand with you to fight for medical freedom. #medicalfreedom #nomandates #woke #awakening #coersionisnotconsent.”

    Stay tuned for any updates regarding Rademacher’s role with the show, and catch General Hospital on ABC.

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