New Hallmark Christmas Movie Unites Bruce Campbell & Peter Gallagher as Aging Rockers

    Hallmark will be groovier than it’s ever been this holiday season with the debut of the new Christmas movie One December Night. Set to premiere on the network on Nov. 13, the movie features B-movie legend and Ash vs. Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell as a retired rock star who’s called upon to pick the guitar back up for a television reunion. The problem? They had broken up ten years prior and they’ll need to fix their history to make this holiday reunion work. Watch a preview below.

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    In One December Night, Bruce Campbell plays Steve Bedford, a member of the legendary rock duo Bedford & Sullivan with Peter Gallagher co-starring as his music partner Mike Sullivan. Per Variety, the movie picks up when “Mike’s estranged daughter Quinn (Eloise Mumford) and Steve’s son Jason (Brett Dalton) are tasked with putting together a televised reunion just in time for the holidays, the two rock stars must work to mend their complicated history – and Quinn and Jason must come to terms with their blossoming romance.”

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    One December Night includes an original song of the same name as well as a new single from Peter Gallagher called “Coming Home.” Jonathan Yudkin also provided original songs with a score by Tommy Fields. Crown Choice Films Inc. is producing with Nancy Bennette executive producing. Tony Glazer and Summer Crockett Moore are also serving as producers. Claire Niederpruem directed the feature using a screenplay by Sib Ventress.

    Bruce Campbell has ventured outside of horror many times over the years, but it’s still interesting to see him headlining a Hallmark Christmas movie, as he’s still best known for playing Ash Williams in the Evil Dead series. It wasn’t so long ago when he was back in that role for the Starz sequel series Ash vs. Evil Dead which ran for three seasons. When the show was canceled, Campbell announced his retirement from playing that character in any more live-action projects, as he’d been covered with enough fake blood for one lifetime.

    “It feels pretty good physically [to reitre as Ash],” Campbell told Fox News in 2019. “I’m 60. I don’t need to be crawling around in dank basements covered in blood. My wife saw me all crabby sitting in my trailer one day filming Ash vs. Evil Dead, the latest version of this… She goes, ‘You’re just crabby and miserable.’ I said, ‘You know, I think you’re right.’ So it was a pretty good time to get out, get out before it’s time for the walker and holding you up by strings.”

    The groovy one has kept pretty far away from the buckets of blood since moving on from Ash vs. Evil Dead. This includes a role on the AMC series Lodge 49 and a stint hosting a reboot of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! for the Travel Channel. The actor also lined up a role as a goofy dad for the comedy series pilot Adopted from writer and executive producer Jimmy Kimmel. We all miss Ash, but Campbell’s presence still makes every project he’s a part of that much groovier.

    One December Night will premiere on Hallmark on Nov. 13 at 10:01 p.m. ET. Details from this story come to us from Variety.

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