15 Best Modern Sitcoms, Ranked

    Sitcoms, whether confirmative of social standards or defiant of them, have ruled television screens for decades. Some are informative, while others are raunchy and most produced for pure comedic relief.

    Regardless of style and demonstration, sitcoms all share one important thing in common: their ability to amalgamate immense cultural impact.

    Age really only amounts a number for timeless shows such as The Mary Tyler Moore Show or The Golden Girls; however, some of the most monumental hit series have been made within the last 40 years. From satire to sappy comedy, here’s our top 15.

    [15] Married with Children

    Married With Children

    There is actually another thing all these sitcoms notably share in common; their ability to push boundaries, to defy the norm. Married with Children is but another prime example of that timeless tale. Known for flamboyant, edgy, and offensive proses, it continues to be among the most influential series today.


    [14] Black-ish


    Education is a vital resource, and what better way to educate than through comedy? Black-Ish is a top show of the century in the sense that it has so delicately displayed the discrepancies between white and black people in America. Dre Johnson, played by Anthony Anderson, portrays a prominent perspective held by modern-day black men while also touching on racial sensitivities that someone not-of-color would never think twice about.

    [13] Sex and The City

    Sex and The City

    Sex and the City is a modern manifesto for female empowerment, particularly in the realm of, as a virgin to the show might even preemptively assume by the name, sexuality. Fashion icon, linguistic legend, and experienced s-expert, Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica-Parker, narrates her promiscuous lifestyle and love affairs had in the city. Alongside Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, played by Kim Catrall, sets a new standard for womanhood and open sensuality, encouraging them to embrace their provocative side instead of repressing it to satisfy a double standard. The content might bridge more on the raunchy and inappropriate but once of age, this show is certainly a much watch for anyone, whether male or female.


    [12] It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

    Another quirky sitcom centered around a core group of friends, except these ones are not so wholesome as those whose hangout spot is the local coffee shop. The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia gang prefers chilling at Paddy’s Pub, which they all run together with hilariously suggestive jokes and degenerate shenanigans.

    [11] Schitt’s Creek

    Schitts Creek

    Six seasons breeze by almost as fast as the Roses had to uproot and move to Schitt’s Creek with this Emmy Award Winning series. Not only is there outstanding character development, featuring eccentric family dynamics anyone who avidly watches the show would grow to love, but there is also a heartening representation of the LGBT community. It might be impossible to pick one, but Dan Levy’s character, David, has definitely won renowned recognition as a fan favorite.


    [10] Rick and Morty

    Rick and Morty

    Epic cartoon animation meets clever comedy and smart science with this classic sitcom. From “Pickle Rick” to “Morty’s Mind Blower’s, Rick and Morty has really set the stage for a newer, nerdier style that even someone who failed every science class would find funny. The producers do a great job of integrating intellectual ideas with vulgar innuendos and straight-up satire.

    [9] Family Guy

    Family Guy

    Family Guy might even be more world-famous than the celebrities who voiceover it, and that means something considering Meg has been played by Mila Kunis this whole time. Even still, there is no denying the show would be incomplete without them.


    [8] South Park

    South Park

    Another show known for integrating satire with underlying societal concepts, South Park will go down in history for being well ahead of its time. Aside from dropping signature one-liners and amalgamating amazing character development throughout, creative producers Trey Parker and Matt Stone are known for integrating controversial, sometimes even political, themes in their episodes; however, their execution is even more clever than the jokes they make.

    [7] Curb Your Enthusiasm

    Curb Your Enthusiasm

    Larry David really does justice to the world of sitcoms with this one. Starring as himself, David’s dry, snarky sense of humor, supplemented by absolutely hilarious scenarios and interactions, makes for divine delivery. Not to mention, Curb Your Enthusiasm is also a Larry David creative production, thus explaining its ingeniousness.


    [6] Rosanne


    Another sitcom well ahead of its time, Roseanne continues to be culturally impactful today, despite the finale airing back in 1997. Similar to shows like South Park, this series also served as a stirring pot for contemporarily controversial issues, including addiction, eroticism, and homosexuality. More than that, though, it made light of real-life struggles that the average middle-class family faces on a day-to-day basis.

    [5] The Big Bang Theory

    The Big Bang Theory

    The Big Bang Theory is one of those extremely popular series that aired around the same time as Friends, hence why people tend to prefer one or the other. Low and behold, these characters are equally as relatable if not more. For those who are in the mood for more sarcastic, dry comedy, as opposed to a more feel-good, wholesome vibe, then this is definitely a top choice.


    [4] Seinfeld


    Seinfeld is the original sitcom. Regardless of what he decides to do in his personal life, Jerry Seinfeld paved the way for a new generation of entertainment with this paramount production and it all started when he joined forces with legendary Curb Your Enthusiasm mastermind, Larry David. No matter how much time goes past, for this reason, Seinfeld will forever be included in any rankings involving sitcoms.

    [3] The Office

    The Office

    One of the first sitcoms without a staged audience laughing on the sidelines, The Office presumed a cutting-edge program in more ways than one. Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, is the definition of dry humor; however, he is but one out of a long list of lovable, relatable, and downright hilarious characters. Not to mention the romance between Jim, played by John Krasinski, and Pam, played by Jenna Fischer, really pulls at the heartstrings of anyone watching with a pulse.


    [2] Friends


    Whether you grew up watching it, picked it up as an adult around the same time Netflix did, or even saw it with a group of friends for the first time, Friends is a show anyone can sit down and enjoy in any order. The charming and hilarious dynamic between members of this Central Perk coffee shop-posted friend group, played by some of Hollywood’s most influential megastars, is the only context needed to fall in love with the show. Despite a scarce amount of diversity and equity inclusion, which is arguably in-keeping with the times it originally aired, the series does an adequate job of demonstrating real-life human vulnerabilities and challenges that are still relevant to this day, all the while keeping a constant smile on your face. From the ongoing on-screen, and now confirmed offscreen romance between Jennifer Anniston and David Schwimmer’s widely adorned characters, Ross and Rachel, to the New York apartment they all hang out in, Friends has truly left an iconic impression on the industry today.


    [1] The Simpsons

    The Simpsons

    This is one of those widely popular shows that seems like it has been on TV forever. Perhaps one of the most infamous characters to ever grace sitcom screens, Homer Simpson and his family have become nothing short of a household name in America, if not around the world alike, today. Clever satire and crude humor are not all the producers have going for them though. Over the years, The Simpsons has accumulated a lot of attention for its so-called “psychic” abilities. From forecasting ex-president Donald Trump’s election to office in 2016 years prior to Kamala Harris’s inauguration outfit, there is a whole list of predictions that have been proven by fans to be correct.


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