Will Adventure Time: Distant Lands Get a Second Season on HBO Max?

    With the finale of HBO Max Special Adventure Time: Distant Lands airing on September 2nd, many fans have been left wondering if this is really the end. Die-hard supporters were pleasantly surprised upon hearing their favorite buddies would be returning to TV screens with this limited series, featuring four brand new, full-hour long episodes, and based on reviews, they were not disappointed.

    Will the charming adventures of Jake and Finn stop here, or will they make a comeback for the second time? Whether or not the HBO Max special will be renewed for another season is dependent on a few factors.


    Jake, a human cartoon played by actor Jeremy Shada, and his talking, double-agent best-friend dog named Finn, voiced by John (not-Joe-the-baseball-legend) Dimaggio, reigned Cartoon Network as beloved partners in crime for almost a decade before creative directors announced Adventure Time their official resignation. Albeit, they must have pulled a few pages from the Boy Who Cried Wolf book because this dynamic duo’s adventures were far from over then.

    Back in 2018, the trailblazing, ten seasons long Adult Swim series – known for using cartoony animation and child-like characters as a conduit to demonstrate darker, more mature concepts – came to an epic close with the last episode, entitled Come Along With Me, touching on the darkest theme yet: death. It’s only suiting that such a grand and epic finale would be met with such an ultimate, yet equivocally endearing end – that is, if it were really as ultimate as it seemed.


    Adventure Time: Distant Lands picks up right where the story last left off, centering around the cherished core group of characters and what they’ve been up to since, in addition to introducing new ones. Princess Bubblegum makes a full return while supporting roles, specifically Peppermint Buttler, are given new ones completely.

    Based on the amount of affirmative appraisal this sudden and totally unexpected release has won already, hope for another resurrection is not too far-fetched. According to the producer, Adam Muto, there are three main distinguishers that will determine whether the special will be renewed for a second season.


    HBO Max Desire and Demand

    Adventure Time

    In a recent interview with IGN, Muto revealed a major reason for Distant Lands initial return to be imparted by HBO Max’s adoption opening a new outlet for modern development, imaginative growth, and impactful outreach. From documentaries to drama, there’s no denying HBO has built quite the reputable name for itself in the department of creating outstanding, critically acclaimed, and widely sought-after content. It’s the kind of reputation with power to bring a plot planning on retiring years ago back from the dead.

    Indeed, there is an undeniable aura of beauty behind the story previously ending with an ambiguously metaphoric acceptance of death as inevitable for all living creatures, but where’s the magic and adventure in that? HBO administration evidently saw the show’s potential for enchanted expansion and growth before Huto even caught second wind to see it himself.


    If not for their sponsored interest, vision, and support, Huto may not have been so inspired to rekindle his retired flames. In other words, HBO’s endorsement of this series plays a huge role in distinguishing whether Distant Lands will return.

    Those who are disappointed in not knowing what the future holds for this charismatic crew can rejoice in HBO’s recent encouragement regarding another spin-off adaptation set to be released sometime in the future, only this one starring “gender-swapped versions of Jake and Finn,” Fionna and Cake.

    Mass Marketability and Popularity

    Adventure Time

    Sources say Muto also claims a high chance for the band to be brought back if requested by popular demand. Namely, the show’s revival is dominantly dependent on what the people “want” and their desire for more. Fortunately for those who fall under the “can’t get enough” category, Distant Lands lacks no luck in that department.


    Since its debut in June 2020, this follow-up feature has fans going fanatic, receiving positive attention from even the most loyal and lifelong enthusiasts.

    Through and through, this short spin-off held true to the whimsical and witty, yet positively endearing integrity that made the original show such a unique delicacy.

    Some audiences might have thought the sequel’s finale episode, titled “Wizard City,” offered subtle satisfaction and closure in comparison to the far more endearing premier of Together Again, which aired prior and revolved around Jake and Finn’s continued adventures in the afterlife; however, it also left the door wide open for a whole other plot. All discrepancies aside, the likelihood for a season-two-sign-off is extremely high by popularity standards.



    Adventure Time

    Above all, Muto says the potential for expanding the special will be most heavily contingent on timing. Everyone knows the infamous, age-old saying, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Well, when it comes to the special being approved for another round, this concept holds true.

    Adventure Time is such a solid production at this point, why risk messing up the magical mojo by rushing it for people-pleasing purposes, right? From what sources gather, Muto worries Finn and Jake’s stage presence might overstay their welcome if their narrative is overdrawn; however, in testimony of the countless raving reviews Distant Lands has received since debuting, he has nothing to worry about. Alongside their timeless storylines and cult-classic skits, these characters could never get old, and now, according to the “afterlife,” quite literally.


    “Together Again” centering around the pairs’ eternal reunion and adventures after death presented the perfect closure loyal viewers might have needed. On another note, however, it also provided the perfect portal to a whole new world of creation and adventure for these dauntless daredevils to embark on.

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