Homelander Is the Sexiest Hero Alive as The Boys Pokes Fun at Paul Rudd

    Paul Rudd might be the Sexiest Man Alive, but is he the sexiest hero? He most certainly is not, according to V-PLE magazine, a fictional publication in the world of The Boys. In an effort to help promote the popular Prime Video series, The Boys staffers have been manning social media accounts for Vought International. Teasing the upcoming third season, various images and videos have been released on these accounts featuring characters from the show.

    This week, it was revealed, that Ant-Man star Paul Rudd has become the latest person to garner People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive title, serving as this year’s honoree. Leave it to The Boys to offer a humorous response to that news. This came by way of a post to Vought International’s socials of a magazine cover for V-PLE, a clear spoof of People, with Antony Starr’s Homelander on the front. It reads, “Homelander: Sexiest Hero Alive! A saint of a man. You’re welcome.”


    “Since the very start of The Boys, we’ve seen Vought’s propaganda arm – I mean, news channel – VNN,” showrunner Eric Kripke said of the Vought International channels, teasing CNN style news clips. “We’ll be digging deeper into those fair and balanced patriots next season, so as a teaser, we’re introducing ‘Seven on 7’ with VNN’s biggest star Cameron Coleman. The episodes are in world canon, serving up brand new information that bridges the story gap between seasons 2 and 3. So enjoy the hot takes and catheter commercials, just like your parents do!”

    According to Amazon, “VNN episodes will be an anchor series for the newly launched, wholly in-world channels Vought International on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Everything posted to Vought International does not break the fourth wall and remains entirely in the world of The Boys, even as real-world and in-world blend and overlap in fun, surprising ways.”


    In other words, Homelander getting named as Sexiest Hero Alive is canon, even if the characters won’t actually mention that fact when season 3 arrives on Prime Video. The new season will bring along with it several new characters, with Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy standing out as one fans really want to see. It’s been suggested that Soldier Boy will be front and center in the new season with a sizable role for Jensen Ackles.

    “Season 3 delves a lot more into the history of how we got here through this character of Soldier Boy,” Kripke told Vanity Fair. “We were able to dig into both the history of the country and also really look at toxic masculinity, and masculine roles, and what a s**t-show that’s overall caused. This whole f**king, independent Marlboro man thing.”


    Meanwhile, Laurie Holden of The Walking Dead is making her debut in the new season also, and there was just recently a first look photo of her in character as Crimson Countess. There hasn’t been a release date yet set for the anticipated third season of The Boys. For now, fans can go back and watch the first two seasons streaming on Prime Video. The new image of Homelander on “V-PLE” magazine was posted by Vought International.

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