Snoopy Returns to the Cosmos in ‘Snoopy in Space’ Season 2

    The greatest beagle on the planet is lifting off once again for Season 2 of Apple TV+’s Daytime Emmy Award-nominated Snoopy in Space. Houston, we have no problem with this at all!

    Launching this weekend, the hilarious and sneakily educational cartoon finds Charlie Brown’s pal and Woodstock traveling through the universe looking for signs of life beyond Earth. With actual input from NASA and featuring the Peanuts gang serving up inspirational STEM content, the journey takes Snoopy and his feathered sidekick to Mars, distant moons and exoplanets outside our solar system. In addition to the comical chaos these two always bring with them, each episode will also incorporate the latest in NASA research.

    Snoopy in Space

    The new batch of episodes come at the perfect time, as it was just announced that Snoopy would be going into space, literally, as the latest partnership between Peanuts and NASA. Back in the 1960s, creator Charles Schulz’s passion for space exploration led to a unique relationship between NASA and Peanuts: For the Apollo X mission—the “dress rehearsal” for the original Moon landing—the command module was nicknamed Charlie Brown, and the lunar module was nicknamed Snoopy.

    Snoopy NASA

    Now, in early 2022, Astronaut Snoopy — in plush form, wearing a one-of-a-kind spacesuit designed to NASA’s safety standards — will again join a groundbreaking NASA mission by serving as the “zero gravity indicator” for Artemis I. This uncrewed mission will eventually pave the way for a return to orbit with a crew that includes the first woman and first person of color to land on the Moon’s surface.

    The Artemis Project will build a long-term base on the Moon, where info will be collected to prepare the first crewed mission to Mars. Like the zero gravity indicator on Artemis I, a plush Snoopy will provide a visual indicator that the capsule has entered micro-gravity when he begins to weightlessly float, flip and drift in mid-air. Which will probably be as fun to watch as the animated Snoopy in Space!

    Snoopy in Space, Season 2 Premiere, Friday, November 12, Apple TV+.

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