Red Notice Director Really Wants to Make Wolverine Vs. Hulk Movie

    After working with three major superhero actors for the new Netflix movie Red Notice, director Rawson Marshall Thurber has a certain idea in mind for a dream project at Marvel Studios. Going for broke, Thurber would especially want to unite two of the most popular Marvel superheroes with a Hulk vs. Wolverine movie. The filmmaker said as much in a new interview with The Playlist, revealing the pitch he had in mind for a superhero project.

    “There’s one particular paring in the Marvel Universe that I would be incredibly excited to try my hand at. Who knows if it will ever happen, but we’ll see… I would love to take a crack at Hulk vs. Wolverine. I especially love Lindelof’s run with Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk. Yeah, so there’s something really exciting about that pairing. Of course, everyone knows that Wolverine was introduced in Hulk, they’re inextricably linked – they’re the immovable object and the unstoppable force. And I think that’s sort of a delicious pairing – Yin and Yang. And of course, Logan and Banner, they’re sort of cursed with functional immortality and they handle it in very different ways. And I think that would be really, really interesting to dig into.”

    Perhaps before we get to Wolverine vs. Hulk, we’ll need to get a new Wolverine into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The character was last played by Hugh Jackman in the unconnected X-Men movie series at 20th Century, and the plan now with that series over is to reintroduce the X-Men into the MCU at some point. There is apparently no rush for this to happen as nobody has been cast as Wolverine or any other X-Men character, even if many fans are doing their own fantasy casting.


    We will be seeing more of Mark Ruffalo’s Dr. Banner soon enough. He is set to appear in She-Hulk, an upcoming series in development at Disney+, which recently dropped a trailer. Whether this could end up setting up a World War Hulk movie for Ruffalo, as has been rumored, remains to be seen, but many of the Incredible one’s fans have long been hoping for that character to get his own solo movie again. Ruffalo has also suggested he’d be happy to have that opportunity.

    “There’s an idea that I think could be really interesting,” Ruffalo previously told Variety. “We’ve never really followed him into his life. He’s always kind of off on the side. He’s like the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of the Avengers. It’d be interesting to fill in all the blanks about what happened to him in between all these movies.”


    For now, Rawson Marshall Thurber is seeing how the fans respond to his new movie, Red Notice, which is available to stream on Netflix on Nov. 12. It stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot, three actors who serve as major superhero characters. In the case of The Rock, however, fans have only seen the smallest sneak peek at him as a superhero in Black Adam, as that movie won’t be released until the summer of 2022. This news comes from The Playlist.

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